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In Valhalla, guilds compete against fearsome monsters and one another. Valahalla is accessible Sunday to Friday between 21:00 and 22:00, and Saturday & Sunday between 14:00 and 15:00, through the Valhalla Guide.

Participating guilds enter through the Gates of Courage, Peace, Hope, and Innocence. The final goal is to defeat the Valhalla Wind Guardian, which grants access to the Golden Apple Tree.

Other items can be obtained in Valhalla, such as Essence of Valor, Primal Essence, Premium Gold Bullion, and Enhancement Stones. The Radiant Valhalla Essence produces Solar:Rae, which assists in defeating the Wind Guardian.

The Wind Guardian inhabits the Ruined Temple, in the middle of the Valhalla battlefield.

When a guild defeats the Wind Guardian, all other guilds are ejected from Valhalla, and the victorious guild can acquire the spoils of victory from the Golden Apple Tree.

* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.