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The World of Echo of Soul

On the trail of the fiendish Naez, the world now hangs in the balance…

The Twisted Dimensions lurk just beyond mortal perception and defy mortal comprehension.

Multiple realms exist atop one another, bleeding energies across shared boundaries, and threatening to tear each other apart. Only the Gods can even comprehend the nature of this threat, and only the Soulkeepers, those chosen by the Goddess Frigga, can stand against it.

The Frigga Union of Soulkeepers, hitherto tasked with destroying the vile Naez, now work to research and unravel the paradox of the Twisted Dimensions before this mass of shattered realms consumes their own.

They discovered that Naez dwells at the heard of this crisis, thanks to the Soul of Agony.

The original task of the Soulkeepers was to seek out the taint of the corrupted blood of the primeval Giants, enemies of the Gods, and return it to the Soul Stream, in the form of Souls of Chaos. Thus would the world remain in balance.

Naez used the power of the Soul of Agony to direct the extracted souls into himself, instead of the Soul Stream. Thus was the flow of souls disrupted, and the boundaries between worlds weakened.

To counter the damage inflicted by Naez, more Souls of Chaos must be gathered and delivered to the Soul Stream. The Frigga Union is focused on this task, holding the doom of their world at bay, until the time comes to attack the threat at its source…

* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.