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Player Killing Penalties

After level 70, players can attack one another in Distorted Field. There are some restrictions on how PvP combat functions, which are managed with certain skills and effects.



Using the Premeditation skill applies the Premeditation to you. Players with Premeditation active can attack one another with no extra penalties. Once applied, Premeditation cannot be removed for at least one hour.



If you are killed by any character or creature while under the effects of Premeditation, your movement speed is reduced by 2%.



If, while affected by Premeditation, you attack and kill a player who is not affected by Premeditation, you will also be affected by Bloodstained. Bloodstained prevents the use of the Return skill, and prevents you from cancelling Premeditation. Bloodstained can stack up to 100 times.

Blood Stigma


For every 10 stacks of Bloodstained, your Blood Stigma level increases by 1. Blood Stigma inflicts damage over time to you, proportional to your Max HP, with the damage increasing as Blood Stigma increases. As long as you remain online, your Blood Stigma level decreases by 1 every hour.
※ Dying from the effects of Blood Stigma costs experience and gold.

* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.