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Auction House

Larger towns, like Ignea and Bernicia, have Auction Houses.
Auction Houses allow players to put up items for sale, at the cost of a percentage of the sale for taxes and handling fees.
※ The additional fees can be waived via certain cash shop items.
※ Items are available for purchase 5 to 10 minutes after a player registers them to the auction house.
Auction house

1Registration Place an item here to put it up for sale.
Equipment items can only be sold if they are at full durability.
You must place an item here to set a price.
2Price Set your requested price for your item here.
You can sell items individually, or in full stacks.
3 Registration/Sales Fee Registering and selling items costs an extra fee, which is not returned if the sale is cancelled.
Registering an item costs 2% of the set price.
If an item is sold, a 5% commission is taken as well.
4 Available Slots Only 7 items can be put up for sale by each player at one time.
Each different type of item takes up one slot.
5Item List Your list of registered items is displayed here.
You can cancel the sale a registered item before it is purchased.
soulgem auction

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