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Chat Log

Chat Log

This is where conversations between players are displayed. It also shows chat channels, system notices, and the combat log.
Press [ENTER] to open the chat interface, then type what you want to say and hit [ENTER] again. You can enter chat commands, too.
chat window

Chat Window

All system and combat messages are displayed in the chat window, by default. If you wish to customize multiple chat windows, clicking [+] lets you add a new tab.

Chat Modes

System message All messages which don’t come from players, such as combat or item information.
Say Chat from characters near you in the world.
Whisper Send & receive messages which only you and a specific character can read.
Reply Send a message to the last character who Whispered you.
Yell Message is visible to all characters in your local sub-region.
Party chat Messages visible to all characters in your party.
Raid chat Messages visible to all characters in your raid group.
Guild chat Messages visible to all characters in your current guild.
Group chat Form a group which other players can join, and send messages which only group members can see.

Chat Commands

Commands change your current chat mode.
Say /s, /S
Whisper /w (character name), /W (character name)
Reply /r, /R
Yell /y, /Y
Party chat /p, /P, /party
Raid chat /a, /A
Guild chat /g, /G
Group chat /M1, /m1


The Messenger functions similar to IM programs.
If you don’t want to bother with it, you can click the arrow icon, and the conversation will be merged into the main chat window.
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* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.