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Pets add visual flair to your character. But they also loot items from slain monsters for you, saving you clicks. Stronger pets can boost your stats, too.
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Acquiring Pets

Pet is to be acquired through events or can be purchased on cash shop ‘Mount/Pet’ tab and after registering the pet(using the item), you can use it by summoning it during use time.

Summoning Pets

Open the “Mount/Pet” window via the Main Menu or hotkey (Ctrl+T), and click on the pet you wish to summon.

Pet Usage Period Extension

Pets purchased through the cash shop only remain with you for a limited time. The Hourglass item can extend their use period.

Hourglasses can also be purchased via the cash shop, and are available from certain server events.
※ Pets obtained from server events cannot have their use period extended.
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Pet Coins and Rank

Pets, whether registered or not, can be converted to Pet Coins. The type and number of Pet Coins received depends on the pet’s rank.
Disassembly Rank Acquired Coin Scroll Exchange Registered Pet Exchange
Normal Good Pet Coin 10 10
Good Rare Pet Coin 10 10
Rare Epic Pet Coin 10 10
Epic Legendary Pet Coin 10 10
Legend 35 35
The Pet Coin Trader sells Pet Conversion Scrolls, which can convert unregistered pets into Pet Coins. Registered pets can be converted through the Mount/Pet window.
※ Convert pets to Pet Coins with care, because once they’re gone, they’re gone. Be careful not to accidentally delete pets while converting, too.
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Pet Coins can be given to Pet Coin Traders for Snacks, which increase pet Sympathy, leading to higher ranks. Higher ranks offer additional stat bonuses.
※ As pet rank increases, stat bonuses increase as well.

Pet Sharing

Pets can be shared between multiple characters on the same account. Only non-permanent pets of superior grade or higher can be shared.
※ Pets can’t be shared across servers.
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* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.