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Soul Purification

Slaying monsters grants you Souls of Chaos. Purification transforms these Souls into a usable form.

Soul Sanctums

Souls can only be purified near a Soul Sanctums. They are located in towns.
Soul Sanctums are distinguished by a pillar of blue light.
saint place

Soul Purification

Access your Soul Satchel (V) to purify Souls, provided you’re near a Soul Sanctum.
Purification converts 2 Souls of Chaos into one of the four types of purified Soul.

Co-op Purification

Purification is more effective when two players work together.
A Soul Sanctum isn’t needed, and each Soul of Chaos is purified into one purified Soul.
To request Co-op Purification, right-click on another character and select "Co-op Purification."
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* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.