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Soul Stream

The Soul Stream is available starting at level 85, allowing you to further increase your character’s power under certain conditions.
You must find and equip Soulstones on the Soul Stream tab of the character window to make use of their powers.


Soulstones are found by slaying the creatures of the Ruins of Nerodin dungeon.
There are seven different varieties of Soulstone, each with different effects.
Each Soulstone has different activation conditions, so make sure you select Soulstones which best fit your style of play.

Soulstone Type Effect
Premium / Rare Heroic
Red Chance to increase attack power when attacking Using a skill 5 times damages nearby targets
Blue Soul Skills increase PvP Piercing / PvP DEF Slowly decrease target's PvP DEF/Healing over 20 seconds when attacking
Celestial Chance to decrease target's attack power when blocking Remaining still for 5 seconds in combat causes your next attack to increase the target's damage received
Spring Green Healing potions restore extra health over 10 seconds Hope/Courage Soul Skills increase CP recovery
Twilight Chance to recover HP over 5 seconds when attacked Healing potion effect is protected for 5 seconds
Heaven Stomping increases movement speed Cool time for level 70 skills reduced
Darkness Increases gold and EXP gain Slain monsters drop more items

Soul Stream

Soul Stream Soulstones are equipped in a character’s Soul Stream.
A quest at level 85 will award a Soulstone. More Soulstones can rarely be found at Nerodin Ruins.
The Soul Stream tab is found at the top of the Character Window (P), and lets you check your equipped Soulstones.

There are different types of Soulstones, with different effects.
Normally you are limited to Soulstones of a single type, but it is possible to access universal slots which accept any type of Soulstone.
Multiple Soulstones with the same effect do not overlap.

Soulstone Enhancement

Soulstones can be enhanced with the rare material, Essence of Yggdrasil.
Essence of Yggdrasil can be extracted from Soulstones, or found on monsters in Nerodin Ruins.

※ Catalysts and Safeguards for Soulstones are currently unavailable, but may be added later.

Soulstone Enhancement has the following rules:
(1) Access the Enhancement menu by right-clicking the Soulstone.
(2) Soulstones can be enhanced to a maximum of +7.
(3) Failed enhancements may destroy the Soulstone, which will produce Soul Dust.

Protection Effect

If the total enhancement bonus of your equipped Soulstones is high enough, you may gain additional effects.
An effects is gained when the bonus of your equipped Soulstones is +7, and every +7 above this.
The Huntess enhancements effect functions differently, so check the tooltips for more details.

* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.