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Runic Tablets

Runic Tablets are items which can be equipped. Runic Tablets are not available through most of the levelling experience. You will receive one while undertaking Intermediate Soulkeeper Training, which begins at level 70.

Keys and Unsealing

Through use of a special key, additional stat options can be added to your Runic Tablet.
These keys can be obtained from monsters in areas higher than level 70, or from specific quests.
Keys are acquired in fragments. 10 fragments are needed to form one key.

Runic Tablet Optimization

The Optimization button is found in the bottom-left corner of the Inventory screen (I).
sean stone

1 Optimization Press to access the Optimization window.
2 Runic Tablet Current stat options on your Runic Tablet.
3 Runic Tablet Level Your Tablet’s current level and experience.
4 Ingredient and Fee The cash and items needed for Optimization will be indicated here.
5 Runic Tablet Slot Your Tablet is equipped in this character slot.

※ Even with the correct ingredients, Optimization is not guaranteed to succeed.
※ As the Runic Tablet gains levels, different keys are needed for Optimization.
(Level 1 : Outstanding Runic Enhancer / Level 2 : Pure Runic Enhancer / Level 3 : Exceptional Runic Enhancer)

Runic Tablet Optimization

The experience of your Runic Tablet will eventually reach a maximum, and cannot be further increased with Tools.
However, its level can still be increased with an Awakening Key, which is acquired through the Dungeon Commandments quest..
dungeon commandments

* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.