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Basic Explanation

Runes come in three types – Normal, Epic, and Legendary. They increase your damage and defense of the four elements – Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth.
After level 70, weaker Runes can be disassembled into materials to create stronger runes.

Normal Rune

ICON_ITEM_10000005 Acquired through quests and from slain monsters.

Epic Rune

ICON_ITEM_10000006 Stronger than Normal Runes. Acquired through crafting.
Crafting requires Essence of Eternity (found in battlefields) and Rune Powder.

Legendary Rune

ICON_ITEM_10000006 Stronger than Epic Runes. Acquired through crafting.
Crafting requires Essence of Immortality (won in arenas) and Epic Rune Powder.

Using Runes

Right-clicking a Rune allows you to apply it to weapons and accessories.
Runs increase the elemental damage of weapons, and the elemental defense of accessories.
Runes applied to weapons and earrings can apply the effects of any element, when applied.
Rings only apply the effects of Water and Fire, bracelets only apply Earth, and necklaces only apply Wind.
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* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.