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Botan’s Golden Hammer

You can re-roll the stat options on Legendary items with Botan’s Golden Hammer.
The Hammer can only be used on Legendary items of Level 160 or lower. It’s rarely found in party and raid dungeons.
botan gold hammer

How to Use

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1 Bonus Point If you pass on the rolled options, you can acquire bonus points.
Having more points gives a higher chance of better options.
2 Change Press to re-roll and generate a new set of options.
3New Options Displays the newly-rolled options.
4 Stat Selection Press to apply the new set of rolled options.
5 Confirm/Cancel Final confirmation to apply the new stat options.
Selecting Cancel keeps the item’s original options.
※ Bonus Points are increased by Appraisers Lens Bonus Point (no longer available).
(No other items have this effect.)

* Once Botan’s Golden Hammer is used to change stat options, Bonus Points and Bonus Rate are reset to zero.
(This applies to all items, not just the item whose options have been re-rolled.)

* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.