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Beginner Guide

Character Creation

Echo of Soul features seven classes of Soulkeeper: Paladin, Warrior, Guardian, Rogue, Sorceress, Warlock, and Archer.
Each possesses unique skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Each class can function alone, or contribute to a group, so choose whichever appeals to you most.
class selection

Up to 4 characters can be created on one server, with 8 characters in total across all servers. Character names must be between 2 and 12 characters. Multiple capitals and numbers are allowed, but no spaces or special characters.
Character names can only be changed through the cash shop, so choose carefully.
※ If you have too many characters and wish to delete one, the character will not be deleted until 6 days after the deletion request, if the character is level 10 or higher.
Characters level 10 or higher will be completely deleted after the first server restart 6 days after the deletion request Characters below level 10 will be deleted immediately.
create character

The Preview function in the upper left lets you see how various equipment will look on your character. You can also customize many cosmetic features of your character, such as hair, eyes, skin, tattoos, and body type.

Click the Complete button on the bottom right side to finalize your new character.


Welcome to the world! Here’s what you’ll see when you first step in to Echo of Soul.
beginner guide
Interface Function
1Target Target data (level, name, distance, etc.)
2Party Frame Displays people in your party. right click to inspect members.
3Mini Map Current location, surrounding terrain, nearby NPC’s, and quest markers.
4Quest Current quests, progress, distance to next objective.
5Chat Log Conversations between players, chat channels, system notices, combat log.
6Status Bar Level, HP, and resources of your character.
7Action Bar Your character’s skills and other actions, which can be customized and moved.
8Main Menu Access all available functions, including character status, quest log, skills, souls, community, dungeon, settings, and more.
9Attack Power Rough estimate of your character’s relative power, based on level and equipment.


Echo of Soul uses the mouse and W,S,A,D keys to control your character. Hotkeys will allow you quick and easy to access to many more actions, so try and learn them.
guide 2
Function Key Function Key
Move forward W UI hide/show Shift + Z
Move backwards S Social actions Ctrl + B
Strafe left A Dungeon setting Alt + X
Strafe right D System setting Alt + O
Open chat Enter Help Alt + H
Character status P Cash shop Alt + C
Skill K Mini map zoom in Nm +
Inventory I Mini map zoom out Nm –
Soul storage V PvP match Alt + Q
Map M Battle ground score board Alt + S
Quest log L PvP record Alt + W
Achievements N Screenshot PrintScreen
Raid U Screenshot mode Ctrl + P
Profession skill J Dungeon records Alt + T
Interact F Pet list Ctrl + T
Guild G Target cycle Tab
Friend O Target cycle reverse Shift + Tab
Smart match H Target’s target Ctrl + Tab
Target self Z

Interaction button

The interact action (F) is the hot key you’ll be using most.
action 1
You can use interact to accept quests, complete quests, open vendor screens, and loot defeated creatures. The [F] icon will display when you’re near a valid interact target.

Just don’t get too used to hitting F repeatedly, or you might miss something important.


The interact action (F) is the hot key you’ll be using most.

You can use interact to accept quests, complete quests, open vendor screens, and loot defeated creatures. The [F] icon will display when you’re near a valid interact target.
guide 3
You’ll usually be tasked with slaying monsters or locating certain objects. The direction and distance to the next step of a quest is displayed on your screen.
guide 4


Each class has two paths, with their own skill sets. You can switch between multiple paths and skill configurations with the Jack of All Trades item.
specialization 2
Each skill tier lets you select two of three possible choices. All are useful, but some suit certain play styles more than others.

Your first skill, awarded at level 10, will be selected automatically. The rest are up to you.
skill image 2


Stronger monsters than usual are sometimes found in the world. You can challenge them yourself, but your chances will improve if you have help from other players.
guide 5
Be sure to stop and pay your respects at any shrines you find. The Gods will appreciate your devotion, and you’ll receive a modest blessing that lasts a few minutes.
guide 6


Lottery vendors let you test your luck for a chance at extra cash.
Prizes range from 5 (lowest) to 1 (highest).
lottery 5

Death and Resurrection

Whether through courage or foolishness, death will find you sooner or later. The Gods are merciful, though, and you can press the Resurrect button to revive nearby, at the cost of some damage to your equipment. You’ll need to repair it at a vendor if it gets too damaged.

If you carry Frigg’s Blessing, you can consume one within 20 seconds of your death to revive where you fell, with no damage to your equipment.

You’ll have to apply certain buffs again after reviving, and your pet will need to be summoned again.
death 3
There’s much more to learn about Echo of Soul, but experience is the best teacher. Go experience the world for yourself, and never be afraid to ask for advice from your fellow players.

* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.