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Rested Experience

Rested Experience helps you catch up on missed play time by accumulating a pool of bonus experience during down time. You accumulate this pool whether or not your character is logged in. You receive experience from the pool by slaying monsters or completing quests.
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eg.) Experience reward of 100 from slaying a creature.
Rested experience pool of 250.
You will receive 200 experience for slaying the creature.
200 experience will be deducted from the rested pool, and 50 will remain.
(All experience gains are deducted from the rested pool. Experience bonuses do not apply.)
Rested experience pool of 50.
* You will receive 150 experience for slaying the creature.
This will deplete the rested experience pool, which will now be 0.

The rested experience pool is slowly build when you are near a ‘Sanctuary of the Soul’ in a village or city. More rested experience is gained when your character is logged out.
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※ Bonus experience effects such as <Prigards Blessing> or <Buff Event> are not applied to the rested experience pool.

eg.) Player with 7.78% bonus to experience hunts monsters using Premium Buff (EXP bonus 20%)
EXP 22,211 from killing monster. (9,751+12,460)
* 9751 : EXP acquired from killing creature
* 12460 : Rest Bonus 9,751 + additional EXP of 27.78% (2,709)
* The rested pool is reduced by 19,502 (9,751+9,751)

* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.