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Quest Types

Icon Type Description
main quest Main Quest The core story quest of Echo of Soul.
It’s not necessary to complete the Main Quest, but the rewards are high, and it’s the best way of learning about the world if you’re new.
normal quest Normal Quest Standard quests.
These are a good source of experience and wealth. They make take you to new areas of the world, too.
repeatable quest Repeatable Quest These quests can be performed repeatedly.
Some can only be completed once per day or per week. Others can be undertaken as many times as you wish.

Quest Progress

NPC’s in the world will assign you quests if you speak with them. Sometimes you’ll receive a quest automatically if certain conditions are fulfilled.
quest 2

By using the quest window on the right of the screen, you can check the direction and distance to all your current quest objectives.
quest 1

You’ll usually be tasked with slaying monsters or locating certain objects.
quest 3
Sometimes quests will require you to not only kill creatures, but to interact with their corpse. You’ll usually be given an item to use on the dead creature when you accept the quest.

Sometimes you’ll need to use an item on a creature before it dies, too.

* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.