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Outskirts Battle

Outskirts of Ignea Castle


P1 – Attacker Staging Grounds
P2 – Gate / Defenders Outskirts Base / Defenders Airship, Merchant
P3 – Goddess' Chamber
A1 – Siege Weapons
B3 – Altar of Judgment

Attacker Strategy

Attackers support their team’s Siege Weapon, until it is close enough to breach the castle gate.
Forge resources must be fed into the Siege Weapon to move it forward.
Only the Siege Weapon is capable of breaching the gates.

Defender Strategy

Stop the forward progress of the Siege Weapons, and prevent the attackers from entering the Inner Froststone.
Defenders can use Ignea’s Airship network to quickly move around the battlefield.
Use this to offset the disadvantage of being outnumbered.

Attack Progression

The battle beings with Siege Weapons in their designated locations.
Forges at your staging ground produce Soul Cores, which are needed to move your Siege Weapon forward.
If you can insert the Soul Core without being interrupted, the Siege Weapon slowly moves forward.

Only one Soul Core can be carried at a time, so you’ll be running back and forth between the Siege Weapon and the forge.


Once the Siege Weapon reaches the gate, forges begin producing Aether, which fuels the Siege Weapon’s attack.

Keep running back to the forge for more fuel, so the Siege Weapon can breach the gate, allowing you to access the castle interior.

Defense Progression

The goal of the defenders is to prevent the Siege Weapon from approaching the gate.
You need to delay the Siege Weapon as long as possible by attacking the character putting in ‘Soul Core’ and ‘Aether’.

Harass the attackers, before they move their Siege Weapons into position to destroy the castle gates. Prioritize attackers who are running to and from the forge to obtain fuel for the weapon.
Split your offensive efforts by using the Airships to quickly move around Ignea field. The Airships can only be boarded from the Goddess’ Chamber (P3) in the castle interior. Jump off the Airship when it’s above your destination.
※ Once you disembark from the Airship, you’ll have to return to the Goddess’ Chamber to board another one.
※ Return Skill will transport you to the Goddess’ Chamber.


The Altar of the Court (B3) can be used to temporarily delay the Siege Weapons’ progress.
The Altar requires a Judgment Scroll, purchased from the nearby Merchant.


* the guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.