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Battlegrounds are organized player-versus-played (PvP) battles which pit two teams of up to 15 players against one another in various competitions, such as highest kill count, racing to slay neutral creatures, capturing and defending points, and more.

Joining the Battleground

Access Battlegrounds through Smart Matching (H, Alt+Q).
Battlegrounds award experience, but your stats will be adjusted to match the specific Battleground, and your opponents.

Leaving a Battleground or logging out before the battle ends prevents you from joining another Battleground for 15 minutes.

Matching Conditions

  1. Level 20 or higher, must have chosen a Skill Path.
  2. Cannot be part of a raid group.
  3. Can join as a party, but only the party leader can apply to join.
  4. Cannot form parties/raids while the Battleground is in progress.
  5. Cannot join while waiting for dungeon or arena.


Players are assigned to one of two possible Battlegrounds, and assigned to one of two equal teams.

Mettles Theater

Two teams race to take and defend capture points, which increasing their score. The first team to reach the target score wins.

Location Info
1Base Capture points. Control these to increase your team’s score.
2Starting Area Members of each team begin the match in these locations, and respawn here when slain.
3Esprit Soul Members of the team with the lower score will respawn here.
4Watchers Purlieu Creatures spawn here, and grant stat buffs when they are killed.

Tribulations Vale

The teams compete to gather the most resources in order to achieve victory.
Kills and assists won’t increase your score. You must claim the resources which appear in the battlefield to win.
As the match progresses, score awards from each resource increase. So you may have a chance to turn things around, if your team is behind.

Location Info
1Resource Spawn Resources spawn regularly spawn at these locations. Grab them to increase your team’s score.
Concentrated resources sometimes appear in lane 3, and increase your team score even more.
2Starting Area Members of each team begin the match and respawn here. Grants a move speed buff.


Battlegrounds award Hero Badges, which can be used to purchase various gear, materials, and consumable items, suitable for use in Battlegrounds. See the Battlefield Merchants in Ignea.

Tank Balance Adjustment

To facilitate more even gameplay, the following Skill Paths will inflict and receive increased damage in Battlegrounds.
– Warrior (Protector)
– Guardian (Earthguard)
– Paladin (Templar)

* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.