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Jewel Transmuting

Gem Crafting Tools allow you to transmute certain jewels into alternate versions.
There are two important transmutations: changing Sapphires & Amethysts to Crafted versions, and changing Rubies of +15 or higher to Artisan Rubies.
Gem Crafting Tools are purchased from Jewel Merchants.

Transmuting Sapphire / Amethyst

Using a Gem Crafting Tool on a Sapphire or Amethyst will turn it into a Crafted Sapphire or Crafted Amethyst of the same enhancement level.
This changes the stat bonus provided by the jewel, so make sure you’re prepared for the results.
– Crafted Sapphire : PvP Piercing, Boss DMG Reduction
– Crafted Amethyst : PvP DEF, Additional Boss DMG
※ Transmuting a gem resets its Polishing Experience.
※ +1 Crafted Sapphires & Crafted Amethysts can be purchased directly from Jewel Merchants.

Guru’s Jewel Crafting

Using a Guru’s Gem Crafted Tool on normal jewels of +15 or higher may transmute it into an Atisan’s jewel.
Success is not guaranteed, but your chances are better if the jewel has a higher enhancement.
– +15-19 Jewel : Guru’s Radiant Gem Crafted Tool
– +20-24 Jewel : Guru’s Glaring Gem Crafted Tool
Guru’s Gem Crafted Tool can be acquired via Soul Crafting.
Guru’s Precise Gem Crafted Tool is purchased from Jewel Merchants, and Fragment of Enhancement Stone comes from extracting Enhancement Stone.
jewel crafting

※ Gem Crafted Tool recipes, require Soul Expert skill of 15,200 or higher.
On success, you’ll receive an Atisan’s Jewel which adds more attack power than the jewel you transmuted.
On failure, the jewel is destroyed.


Required Tool

Resulting Artisan’s Ruby (Attack Power)

+15 (60%)

Gurus Radiant Gem Crafted Tool

+1 (64%)

+16 (64%)

+2 (68%)

+17 (68%)

+3 (72%)

+18 (72%)

+4 (76%)

+19 (76%)

+5 (80%)

+20 (80%)

Gurus Glaring Gem Crafted Tool

+6 (84%)

+21 (84%)

+7 (88%)

+22 (88%)

+8 (92%)

+23 (92%)

+9 (96%)

+24 (96%)

+11 (112%)

* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.