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Battle Rules

Territory Wars takes place between an attacking guild and a defending guild.

Victory Requirements

● Attacker : The attacker wins if all Guardian Stones in the battlefield are destroyed, or if 3 or more Guardian Stones have been destroyed after 30 minutes.
● Defender : The attacker wins if more than 3 Guardian Stones remain intact after 30 minutes.

※ Defenders who have held a region through multiple battles will have to defend a larger number of Guardian Stones.
Victory Streak Victory Requirements
1 - 3 Victories Defend 3 Guardian Stones
4 – 9 Victories Defend 4 Guardian Stones
>10 Victories Defend 5 Guardian Stones

Guardian Stones

These stones represent the Soulkeeper guild’s hold over a region, and must be destroyed for ownership to transfer to a new guild. Guardian Stones have the following characteristics:
1. Begins the battle at 50% of Max HP.
2. Emits an aura with a 35 meter radius.
3. Regains health when defenders within its aura outnumber attackers.
※ More defenders near a Guardian Stone increase its health recovery, to a maximum of ten defenders.
4. Considered destroyed when its HP reaches zero, but can still regain health.
5. Can be recovered if its at least 30% of its health is regained after it is destroyed.

[Guardian Stones in Each Region]

Battle Progression

The Battle Progression button at the bottom of the screen allows all participants to check the health and status of each Guardian Stone, and how many attackers and defenders are within its aura.


Participants in a Territory War who are killed can only resurrect at one designated location, and cannot use Frigg's Blessing or Revive Scroll. As the battle progresses, participants must wait longer after being killed before they can resurrect.

[Resurrection Delay]
Time Resurrection Delay
0 - 10 minutes 10 seconds
10 - 20 minutes 20 seconds
20 - 25 minutes 40 seconds
25 - 30 minutes 60 seconds

Tank Balance Adjustment

To facilitate more even gameplay, the following Skill Paths will inflict and receive increased damage in Territory Wars.
– Warrior (Protector)
– Guardian (Earthguard)
– Paladin (Templar)

* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.