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Siege Warfare Overview



The ultimate competition between Soulkeeper guilds, to determine rulership of Ignea castle.
Only guilds who already rule the castle, or a region via Territory War, can participate in Siege. Three of the regional ruling guilds attack a defending guild.
Siege begins Saturdays at 20:50, and lasts until 22:00.

Terms of Participation

Of the current ruling guilds, the three with the highest participation are designated as attackers.
Participation can be checked under Guild Info → Participation → Siege Warfare. Participation is determined over the Monday to Friday before Siege begins.
The current ruling guild for Siege is assigned as the defender.
※ If there is no current ruler in Ignea castle, it remains undefended during Siege, and the attacking guilds compete to capture the castle first.

The castle guild which has conquered Ignea currently, automatically joins as defenders.
※ If there is no lord of the castle, the Siege Warfare proceeds with 3 attack guilds, and the guild whic has quickly engraved the goddess statue, wins.

* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.