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Achievements keep track of special actions or goals accomplished by characters.
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Achievement Types

There are different types of achievements. Some are easily achieved, others are so rare that few even have a chance to claim them.
Type Score Description Note
General 50 Achieved naturally as you progress through the game. Eg) Reaching specific levels
Special 100 Requires specific, purposeful actions. Eg) Rags to Riches
Group 200 Collections of other achievements. Eg) Dungeon Commandments: Recruit
Event 1000 Related to time-limited events.
First 1000 First character to accomplish certain tasks.
PVP 200 Related PVP content.
Explore 200 Fully exploring specific regions of the world.
Solo Dungeon 50 Completing solo dungeons
Party Dungeon 100 Completing party dungeons
Raid Dungeon 200 Completing raid dungeons
Dungeon Special Dungeon score x 2.5 Time attack, limited party size, avoiding hazards, etc.

Achievement Rewards

Some achievements might include additional rewards. Check your titles, and keep an eye on your mailbox!

Achievement Rank

Achievements come in different ranks, depending on their rarity or difficulty.
There are 4 categories: Normal, Rare, Heroic, and Legendary.
Normal Achievement Score 0-50
Rare Achievement Score 51-200
Heroic Achievement Score 201-500
Legendary Achievement Score >500

* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.