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interface 3

You can check all menus, including character status, quest log, skill, soul, community, dungeon info, and setting.

Interface Function
1Target Target data (level, name, distance, etc.)
2Party frame Party members, if you’re in a party. Click each member to target them.
3Mini map Current location, surrounding terrain, nearby NPC’s, and quest markers.
4Quest Current quests, progress, distance to next objective.
5Chat log Conversations between players, chat channels, system notices, combat log.
6Status bar Level, HP, and resources of your character.
7Action bar Your character’s skills and other actions, which can be customized and moved.
8Main menu Access all available functions, including character status, quest log, skills, souls, community, dungeon, settings, and more.

Class Specific Resources

Class Resource Description
Guardian Vitality Certain skills grant Vitality seeds. Consume seeds to recover Vitality.
Warrior Rage Generated when inflicting or taking damage. Warrior skills often consume large amounts of Rage.
Rogue Vitality Gradually restores once used. Rogue kills often consume Vitality quickly, but it restores quickly as well.
Sorceress Mana Sorceress skills don’t consume much Mana, but it restores at a slow rate. Magic Circle skills can boost recovery rate.
Archer Concentration Slowly restores over time, but certain skills restore Concentration as well.
Warlock Magic Consumed and restored by certain skills in equal measure. Balance is key.
Paladin Radiance Most Paladin skills consume Radiance. Restoration skills are available infrequently, and must be used with care.

* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.