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Doomspire Keep

This solo dungeon becomes available at level 70.
Its location is hidden, down a cliff in Northeast Ignea.
entrance fall location

[Drop here to find Doomspire Keep]

Entering the Keep

Entering Doomspire Keep requires a dungeon ticket.
Tickets are obtained from daily quests. You’ll be able to choose between the Lower and Upper Levels.
Give the ticket to Soulkeeper Haryn to enter the dungeon.
(You can also enter by using the ticket directly from your inventory.)
※ If you’re queued for a party/raid dungeon or PvP and leave Doomspire Keep to join an available dungeon/PvP group, you can return to the Keep at the stage you left, if you return within 60 minutes.
※ Use Dungeon Reset if you wish to start from the beginning, or if you’ve cleared all opponents in the Keep.

Inside the Keep

Each floor of Doomspire Keep pits you against a possible boss.
Each boss is protected certain types of traps, so there are many possible combinations.
The bosses and traps are random, so you’ll have to be prepared to deal with many possible challenges.

[Possible Bosses]

challenge boss top

[Trap List]

Poison Gas HP slowly drops
Icicle Spike Spikes of ice erupt randomly
Energy Transfer Device Cold and Lightning area damage
Bio-signal Device Damages you when you move, or don't move (one of two types)
Bombing Device Tosses damaging bombs
Destructed Zone Instant death except for a small safe area
Water Pillar Pillars of water erupt beneath you
Archer Summon An archer shoots you with Arsenic Arrows
Spinning Blade Blades damage a circular area
Self Destructing Slime Slime lethally explodes if not killed promptly
Ice Waves Slow waves of ice spread and damage
Circle of Pain Massive damage except for a small safe area
Toxic Buds Poison spreads in X-shaped areas
Firezone Damaging flames cover certain areas at random intervals
Fog Area Fog reduces your damage and accuracy

kamiro_energy_move [Trap Example : Energy Transfer Device]

column of water [Trap Example : Water Pillar]

[Possible Rewards]

Icon Reward Available
golden gemstone Golden Shard of Botan 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th,
60th, 70th, 80th, 90th, 100th floors
보탄의 황금 망치 Golden Hammer of Botan
안정화 촉매제 변환도구 Stabilization Catalyst Conversion Tool
event cook cert Profession Scroll
challenge pocket Package of Challenge 1th ~ 100th floor
challenge top ticket Doomspire Keep Dungeon Ticket
[For Upper Floor Only]
50th Floor
bottoms Bottoms Material 90th, 100th floor
Armor Linen Material 90th, 100th Floor

* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.