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Solo/3-Person Dungeons

Dungeons are a core element of the Echo of Soul experience.
Most dungeons in EOS come in Normal, Heroic, and Legendary difficulties.
Solo dungeons only have Normal and Heroic difficulties, since it’s easier when you don’t have to co-ordinate with others.
The 3-person dungeons include an extra-challenging Legendary difficulty.
After level 70, high-difficulty versions of solo dungeons await.

Hidden Cavern

A clan of harpies have been tained by the Soul of Sloth, which they stole from Brimsharn Village.
Their song has charmed a coven of naga, who now block the way to the harpy chieftain, Ciskai the Enchanting.
This is a basic dungeon, but pay close attention, since the tactics you learn here will be used often.

Naga Boss Licinia

The naga leader now only obeys the harpies. Her Bubble Toss with slow your attack speed.

Ciskai the Enchanting

The corrupted harpy leader Ciskai knocks foes back with Plume Strike, and finishes them with Sonic Boom.
The area of her attacks is displayed before she uses them, so they’re easily avoided if you’re prepared.

Dungeon map


Vagrant's Copse

Once a welcoming garden, the copse is now consumed with evil fog.
None who seek its source have returned.
Prune the toxic Nepenthus flowers and slay the Forest King, in hopes of finding survivors.
The gnarled staves are the source of the fog, and must be removed to open the way forward.

Forest Chief Jaharo

Kimaro’s second has the ability to call fearsome flames.
Incandescent Inferno and Engulfing Flames can both inflict serious damage, so be ready to dodge.

Forest King Kimaro

Floral Summon conjuries a variety of toxins, debilitating you in various ways.
Nepenthus blooms will appear during the fight. Take them down quickly, before their poison overcomes you.
King Kimaro

Dungeon map

never return forest

Necromancers' Den

Agents of the Drakus Excavation Site sought history, but an ancient evil instead found them.
The researchers are presumed lost, and the Beriacs must be sealed before evil rises again.
The tomb itself contains traps as deadly as the undead soldiers buried here.
You’ll have to start keeping track of multiple threats.

Captains Jaco and Sakarth

Jaco is not a subtle combatant. But subtlety is not necessary with such damaging strikes.
Sakarth seeks to overwhelm you with numbers, summoning skeletal allies with Dig Tunnel.
They may be brittle, but you’ll be hacked to bits if you don’t clear them out.


Keshet will Summon Bone Spikes, knocking you down and inflicting damage.
Earthbound Tremors covers a wide area, but you can evade it if you jump at the right time.

Dungeon map

secret residence

Bastion of Cork

The werewolf Yaru has been spreading drugs from his desert hideout.
You’ll have help from a squad NPC’s when you challenge him.
You’ll need it, since his hideout is fortified against intrusion.
You must pierce his defenses, before your allies’ ranks are depleted.

Lizard Guardian

Yaru’s guardian uses Lash to knock back intruders.
As long as you have enough allies, it should fall quickly.
Lizard Guardian

Yaru the Destroyer

Healing himself while inflicting bleed with Hemorrhage, Yaru will take your allies down one by one.
Make good use of interrupts, or else you’ll run out of backup before he runs out of health.

Dungeon map


Drakus' Laboratory

Fairmont, a servant of the ruined Draken cult, seeks the Siren's Tears in order to unleash a terrible life-draining ritual.
The Siren's Tears must be destroyed to prevent this.
You’ll have to travel back into the past to locate and destroy the Tears.
Once the Senior Researcher is killed, you’ll be returned to the present, once you’ve claimed your reward.

Scourge of Drakus

A horrid beast who spits up damaging Toxic Puddles.
These puddles don’t disperse, so end the fight before you run out of floor!
Its vicious Throw Down – Bite combination should be avoided, too.

Senior Researcher

Physically weak, but makes generous use of Power Shot and Ground Explosion.
Occasionally uses deadlier skills, like Teleport and Falling Star.
You’ll need to keep evading his attacks if you hope to win.
Senior Researcher

Dungeon map

Drakus lab

Aedis Infernum

The cult leader Laskin holds important knowledge about the Gate of Woe - a looming threat posed by Naez.
Heinrich has imprisoned Laskin within Aedis Infernum to keep this knowledge from the Soulkeepers.
Designed to keep prisoners in, and would-be rescuers out, you’ll face many traps.

Aedis Infernum is available on Normal and Hard difficulties after level 70. You’ll need to have enough Attack Power to qualify for entry.
Normal 261,000
Hard 278,000

Spider Queen Chenayak

Silken Thicket causes you to move and attack more slowly.
Summing Offspring will birth spiderling, which can only be killed with fiery traps.
Watch where you’re standing!

Deacon Beos

Sweeps the room with Surging Flame and Wheel of Flame.
Make use of movement skills to avoid them.
Bound Spell takes time before it casts.
It will stun you if you don’t disrupt it before it goes off.
Deacon Beos

Dungeon map

Temple of Hell

Normal / Hard Drop Item level

Difficulty Boss Item info Part
Rarity Ilvl Legging Linen Armor Shoe Glove Weapon Helmet Belt
Normal Chenayak Rare 133 O O O O
Beos Rare 133 O O O O
Hard Chenayak Rare 133 O O O O
Beos Rare 133 O O O O
※ Drop chance increases in Hard difficulty.

Clone Lab

Though Ackt was thought dead, the Belogos Rift he created continues to summon Karquuls.
Through dark science, Ackt has been reborn, and will continue to pose a threat unless his lab is destroyed.
Seek the lab out in Millers’ Steppe, and slay its guardians, Garrix and Bilal.
Various odd devices found in the laboratory might assist you in your mission, if you know how to use them.


Bilal uses Egg Scatter to spread poisonous egg sacs.
The eggs will hatch into Landleeches if they are touched by Acid Spray.
Acid Spray will be aimed at you, so stay away the eggs, if you aren’t in the mood to babysit.
Pay close attention to your position, as Bilal’s Energy Absorption does less damage if you’re further away.


Concussion Wave appears beneath you, and will explode if you don’t move quickly.
Garrix’s cast speed will increase when he uses Body Enhancement.
You’ll need to obtain Body Acceleration to counter it.
Energy Eruption can’t be avoided, so you’ll have to have Body Protection to survive it.
Electric Shock will slow your movement, putting your survival in jeopardy.

Dungeon map

clone laboratory

Normal / Hard Drop Item level

Difficulty Boss Info Part
Rarity Ilvl Legging Linen Armor Shoe Glove Weapon Helmet Belt
Normal Bilal Rare 139 O O O O
Garrix Rare 139 O O O O
Hard Bilal Rare 139 O O O O
Garrix Rare 139 O O O O
※ Hard difficulty has a higher drop chance.

* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.