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Dimensional Treasure Chest

This curious item is found by defeating monsters in certain locations, and as a reward from the Locked Dimensional Treasure Chest daily quest.
The exact contents of the Locked Dimensional Treasure Chest vary by the level of the character who opens it.
Item Item Name
1002105 Locked Dimensional Treasure Chest

The following daily quests award Locked Dimensional Treasure Chests:
(1) 70lv – [Dispute][Daily] Eliminating Obstacle
(2) 72lv – [Dispute][Daily] MP of dangerous dimensions
(3) 74lv – [Dispute][Daily] Unstable Soul
(4) 76lv – [Dispute][Daily] Soul Analysis
(5) 80 ~ 84lv – [Dispute][Daily] Dimension suppression device that can not be driven
(6) 80 ~ 84lv – [Dispute][Daily] Stolen Parts

Locked Dimensional Treasure Chest must be unlocked with an Average Key or a Superior Key.
Item Item Name
1002106 Dimensional Treasure Chest (Unlocked with Average Key)
1002107 Dimensional Treasure Chest (Unlocked with Superior Key)
* 2 Average Keys can be obtained daily when you connect for at least 1 hour. Additional keys can be purchased through the cash shop.
* Superior Keys are only available through the cash shop.

Possible contents are listed below.
* You’ll receive one of the following, randomly:
Superior Key Average Key Note
Item of the month Item of the month [‘Dimensional Treasure Chest’ List of items provided for Tiers(Level)]

– Healing Potion / Healing Scroll /Legendary Runic Box
* 70Level: Superior ~
* 72Level: Keen ~
* 74Level: Masterful ~
* 76Level: Precious ~
* 78Level: Nimble ~
* 80Level: Reckless ~
* 82Level: Corrupted ~
* 84Level: Transcend ~
* 86Level: Veritable ~
* 88Level: Radiant ~

– Epic/Rare Equipment Fragment
* 70Level: Exquisite Equipment Fragment
* 72Level: Faith Equipment Fragment
* 74Level: Happy Equipment Fragment
* 76Level: Truth Equipment Fragment
* 78Level: Origin Equipment Fragment
* 80Level: Creation Equipment Fragment
* 82Level: Magic Equipment Fragment
* 84Level: Sage Equipment Fragment
* 86Level: Scholarly Equipment Fragment
* 88Level: Hope Equipment Fragment
* 70Level: Wealthy Equipment Fragment
* 72Level: Aspiration Equipment Fragment
* 74Level: Advanced Equipment Fragment
* 76Level: Infinity Equipment Fragment
* 78Level: Eternal Equipment Fragment
* 80Level: Cursed Equipment Fragment
* 82Level: Champions Equipment Fragment
* 84Level: Insightful Equipment Fragment
* 86Level: Graceful Equipment Fragment
* 88Level: Starlight Equipment Fragment

– Attack Scroll Crafting Materials
*70Level: Gold Ornament
*72Level: Mithril Ornament
*74Level: Chromite Ornament
*76Level: Palladium Ornament
*78Level: Continuum Ornament
*80Level: Yttrium Ornament
*82Level: Adamantium Ornament
*84Level: Bloodstone Ornament

– Rune Box Crafting Materials
*70Level: Gold
*72Level: Mithril
*74Level: Chromite
*76Level: Palladium
*78Level: Continuum
*80Level: Yttrium
*82Level: Adamantium
*84Level: Bloodstone

– Gourmet Crafting Materials
*70Level: Vesper Lily
*72Level: Peace Herb
*74Level: Desire Herb
*76Level: Hope Herb
*78Level: Love Herb
*80Level: Dreamers Herb
*82Level: Moon Thorn
*84Level: Sun Thorn

– Gourmet Crafting Materials
*70Level: Butter
*72Level: Superb Hops
*74Level: Coffee Beans
*76Level: Yogurt
*78Level: Yeast
*80Level: Maple Syrup
*82Level: Shaved Ice
*84Level: Banana Cream
※ Item of the Month is listed on the website’s Event Page.
Legendary Pet Coin Legendary Pet Coin
Epic Pet Coin Epic Pet Coin
Ichor Gear Box Ichor Gear Box
Terror Weapon Box Terror Weapon Box
Stabilization Catalyst Stabilization Catalyst
Safeguard Safeguard
Skill Reset Skill Reset
Special Digestant Special Digestant
Epic Equipment Fragment Epic Equipment Fragment
Rare Equipment Fragment Rare Equipment Fragment
Nutritional Supplement – 3days Nutritional Supplement – 3days
Nutritional Supplement – 7days Nutritional Supplement – 7days
Area Loudspeaker Area Loudspeaker
Server Loudspeaker Server Loudspeaker
Multi Attribute Multi Attribute
Njords Blessing Njords Blessing
Eduns Blessing Eduns Blessing
Runic Tablet Awakening Key for Tiers Runic Tablet Awakening Key for Tiers
[Premium] Healing Scroll [Premium] Healing Scroll
Minor Enhancement Stone Minor Enhancement Stone
Enhancement Stone Enhancement Stone
[Rare] Reroll Scroll of Gear [Rare] Reroll Scroll of Gear
[Epic] Reroll Scroll of Gear [Epic] Reroll Scroll of Gear
[PC Room] Healing Potion [PC Room] Healing Potion
18slot bag
Essence of Courage
Various Crafting Materials
Healing Potion
Dull Gold Nugget
Healing Scroll
Legendary Rune Box

* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.