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Random Dungeons

Random Dungeon Matching is available for characters of level 70 or higher, with at least 109,000 Attack Power.
To access Random Dungeon Matching, click the Random Dungeon button under the Dungeon tab of the Smart Matching window.
You will only be matched to dungeons for which your Attack Power exceeds the recommended minimum.

Random Matching

Random Matching works as follows:
(1) Character stats adjust to match the dungeon entered under Random Matching.
(2) Stat increases and buffs from cash shop items and professions remain at their indicated value.
(3) Stat levels remain at their adjusted levels when changing equipment, but elemental offense and defense changes based on equipment.
(4) Attack Power remains at its full amount, allowing full access to buff and recovery items.


Daily quests related to Random Matching are provided by Armalinda, in Ignea.
These quests award Mark of Adventurer, which can be exchanged with Veronia for items.

[Mark of Adventurer Rewards]
Item Name Marks Needed Effect
Adventurers Supply Box 4 Receive Medal of Courage Supply Box suitable for your current Attack Power.
(May include Rare to Legendary accessories and profession materials.)
Ashclaw Raptor 500 Mounted speed 8% faster than permitted maximum.
※ Cannot be disassembled into Magic Eggs.
Chaos Soul 1 Grants 100 Chaos Soul fragments when used.

[Equipment Box / Supply Box acquiring ticket]
Boxes Minimum Attack Power Maximum Attack Power Receive
Adventurers Supply Box 1 108,999 Valors Decoration Box - Lv.70 – Lv1
109,000 148,999 Valors Decoration Box – Lv2
149,000 188,999 Valors Decoration Box -Lv3
189,000 229,999 Valors Decoration Box -Lv4
230,000 268,999 Valors Decoration Box -Lv5
269,000 303,999 Valors Decoration Box -Lv6
304,000 358,999 Valors Decoration Box -Lv7
35,9000 401,999 Valors Decoration Box -Lv8
402,000 444,999 Valors Decoration Box -Lv9
445,000 9999,999 Valors Decoration Box -Lv10

Random Matching Buff

Completing a dungeon via Random Matching grants the Trusted Adventurer effect.
This effect stacks, so completing multiple Random Dungeons increases the overall effect.

Achievements are granted when enough stacks are obtained.
Stacks Achievement Information
Trusted Adventurer 20 stacks Becoming Trusted Adventurer
Trusted Adventurer 40 stacks Icon of Random Matching
Trusted Adventurer 60 stacks Patience, Endurance and Effort
Trusted Adventurer 80 stacks Trust Isn’t Gained Easily.
Trusted Adventurer 100 stacks I Wouldn’t Dare If It Was Easy

Obtaining 100 Trusted Adventurer Stacks awards a title and mount.
Type Reward
Title Authorized Adventurer
Achievement Reward [Mount] White Regal Goat

※ Leaving a Random Dungeon before the dungeon is complete applies the Defecting debuff.
Leaving four dungeons in a row resets your Trusted Adventurer stacks, and prevents use of Random Matching for 50 minutes.

* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.