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Artisan Jewels

Artisan Jewels are transmuted versions of regular jewels, which offer higher stat bonuses. See below for details.


– Must be enhanced with Guru’s Enhancement Stones, instead of normal enhancement stones.
– Can be enhanced to a maximum of +20. Enhancement is never guaranteed.
– Enhancement level does drops by 3 on failure, instead of 2.
– Polishing experience does not reset, past certain enhancement levels.

Fantastic Safeguard is needed for enhancing Artisan Jewels. Guru’s Safeguard, prevents enhancement from dropping on failure.
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Guru Enhancement Stone

Guru Enhancement Stone can be acquired via Soul Crafting. Requires Enhancement Stone and Guru’s Precise Gem Crafted Tool.
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※ Currently, only Rubies can be transmuted into Artisan jewels.

* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.