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Raid Dungeons

Beyond party dungeons are raid dungeons, which require even more players to work together to challenge greater foes, for mightier rewards. While raids are most prominent at high levels, characters of lower levels can team up and challenge certain 10-player raids, such as Ungoliant’s Cave (30Lv+) and Tectonus Crater (50Lv+).

Raids reward items of specific levels, as follows:

Dungeon Item Rarity and Level
Epic Legendary
Dryad Forest [Normal] 109 Lv 130 Lv
Dryad Forest [Hero] 115 Lv 130 Lv
Kranheim of Dreams Zone 1 [Normal] 115 Lv 130 Lv
Kranheim of Dreams Zone 2 [Normal] 115 Lv 130 Lv
Frostcore Ruins [Normal] 121 Lv 130 Lv
Fallen Tower Zone 1 [Normal] 145Lv 160 Lv
Fallen Tower Zone 1 [Hero] 145Lv 151Lv 160 Lv
Fallen Tower Zone 2 [Normal] 157Lv 175Lv
Fallen Tower Zone 2 [Hero] 163Lv 175Lv

Type Legging Linen Armor Shoe Glove Weapon Helmet Belt
1 Boss Dungeon 1st boss O O O O O O O O
2 Boss Dungeon 1st boss O O O O
2nd boss O O O O
3 Boss Dungeon 1st boss O O
2nd boss O O O
3rd boss O O O
5 Boss Dungeon 1st boss O
2nd boss O
3rd boss O O
4th boss O O
5th boss O O
※ Most gear is received in boxes, which you must open. Unboxed Rare, Epic, and Legendary gear is occasionally found as well.

Ungoliants Cave

The lair of the giant spider, Ungoliant. This is a relatively easy raid, which even low-level characters can enter. Ungoliant attacks with webs and poison, and serves as a good introduction to raid tactics.


After gathering the raid into position, Ungoliant will try to poison as many players as he can with Venomous Jet. Binding will disable a character, until other raid members destroy the webbing to free them. Ungoliant will repeatedly try to boost his defense with Tough Skin, which must be interrupted.

Tectonus Crater

The flame golem Tectonus can be found here, along with his underlings. Tectonus can be challenged by lower-level characters, but the fight involves slightly more advanced tactics than Ungoliant.


Many of Tectonus’ attacks will need to be dodged. Smouldering Shackles wraps a player in chains, and they must get some distance from Tectonus to avoid taking damage. Kyber will be summoned, and will inflict mass damage unless the reactors on the edge of the arena are dealt with.

Dryad Forest

The Resistance is attempted to build a base at the Plains of Remorse, but their woodcutting has awoken and angered the local Dryad, who has responded with lethal force. To safeguard the Resistance, the Dryad must be stopped.


Tangled wraps a raid member in a crushing root, which must be destroyed before their life runs out. Fatal Seeds explode into persistent patches of harmful mist, but will also summon Envoys which the raid can use for their own benefit. Spring’s Envoy restores life with Revival, and to all nearby raid members when it expires. Summer’s Envoy uses Apiary to inflict area damage, and it will boost the damage of nearby raiders when it dies. Wither will inflict damage over time when Autumn’s Envoy uses it, and nearby raiders will get a defense boost when the envoy expires. Winter’s Envoy unleashes area damage with Alabaster Blizzard, but will inflict damage over time to nearby raiders upon its death.

Frostcore Ruins

Long ago, Puschkin the Great Mage sealed the demonic Veres away. Now awakened, Veres seeks the Golden Crown to restore his full power, and has located it within the Frostcore Ruins. Veres must once again be banished, before becoming an unstoppable threat.
알타나 동부 폐허
Veres freezes raiders solid with Ice Lock. Icy Surge takes time to cast, during which the player must reach a safe location, or else take lethal damage. Veres’ Wind Spirit ally will reduce accuracy with Strong Wind, unless the raid closes in and kills it. The Water Spirit damages random targets with Glacial Lance, and slows attack speed with Cold Front. The Water Spirit must be destroyed with ranged skills.

Ironfire Mountain

Eldir has placed the Eternal Flame upon this mountain. It must be protected from Heinrich’s Dwarven troops, who will unleash their mechanical constructs to claim it.
업로드_불꽃무쇠 산 입구업로드_불꽃무쇠 산 맵  

Dwarven Gurus

Two of the four Dwarven Gurus will attack at once, with hammer, guns, and pickaxes. Slaying one Dwarf will enrage the other active attacker, and they will all gain power from Guru’s Unity.
업로드_불꽃무쇠 산1  
Blow must be avoided, or else you’ll suffer a lengthy stun. Foot Stamp can be interrupted, unless Dein is protected by the damage-absorbing Iron Aegis.
The raid must gather for Flamethrower and Explosive Bullet, to share the damage. On the other hand, the damage of Guided Bullet will increase if raiders are close together, to be ready to scatter. Explosive Bullet can be used to weaken Dein’s Iron Aegis.
Terk will use Pounce to attack distant targets, so stay out of range. He’ll be briefly stunned after he uses it twice.
Bomb Blast inflicts more damage, the more raiders are caught in its blast. When Nesbit becomes Slap Happy, he’ll damage everyone around him, before calling for his minions to bring him a Baccha Barrel. Killing the minions and drinking the Baccha Barrel will make you immune to Slap Happy.


The zones of red and blue lightning will charge raiders with a corresponding magnetic buff, and being charged with the wrong buff will greatly amplify the damage suffered from D-4QR-77’s attacks. The correct magnetic buff is also needed to disperse D-4QR-77’s magnetic fields, before Overcurrent deals serious damage to other charged raiders.
업로드_불꽃무쇠 산2  

Pyrotechnician Karlan

Extreme Temperature will inflict continuous damage during this fight, so you must beat Karlan before things get too hot. The damage from Extreme Temperature increases if a raider takes fire damage or attacks Karlan with Fire. The Furnace Manager can use the Heating Device to turn the temperature up even more.
업로드_불꽃무쇠 산3  

Iron Master Agma

Agma will order the construction of various robots, but you can disrupt the process by catching the parts before they’re assembled. Each robot must be dealt with in different ways. Enhancement Process produces beams of fire and ice, and catching two beams in a row is lethal.
업로드_불꽃무쇠 산4  

Chieftain Boros

Taking “Money is power” at its literal meaning, Boros attacks with gold, and absorbs power from it. He’ll use explosive Golden Balls, and summon Gold Totems. He’ll also challenge raiders with Boros’ Competition, but this can be avoided, if you know how.
업로드_불꽃무쇠 산5    

Dark Citadel

A fragment of Mina’s soul was lost to Riggan in the Dark Citadel in the past, but she discovers that her divinity can be restored if it’s reclaimed. She’ll can’t restore herself with help from willing Soulkeepers, though.
업로드_몽환의 암흑성채 입구 업로드_몽환의 암흑성채 맵  


Shockwave will hit multiple targets, while Crush only targets the tank. Shockwave’s damage must be spread across multiple raiders, but each will take more damage from subsequent attacks. Crush inflicts severe bleeding if it his the same target twice in a row.
업로드_몽환의 암흑성채1  


Kiva uses Ripple of Pain and Balefire Malediction to damage nearby raiders, or to hit distant targets. His pet Pamakh joins the fight too, damage nearby targets, and striking at random.
업로드_몽환의 암흑성채2  


Felim starts the battle by restricting movement with Tornado Wind. Strong Wind and Brutal Blast will knock players into Tornado Wind, inflicting additional damage. Raiders must gather for Thunder and Lightning, while still remaining focused on dodging Felim’s other attacks.
업로드_몽환의 암흑성채3  


Raiders must spread out for Vicius’ Shadow Weave attacks, and gather to split the damage of Death Throes. Raiders must quickly respond to Trailing Shade, or else suffer instant death.
업로드_몽환의 암흑성채4  


The more raiders are weakened by Riggan’s spells, the stronger he becomes, and the more damage Final Countdown inflicts. Zones of Corrupt Flames will persist through the fight, and players must move to safe areas to avoid Malevolent Maelstrom and Dark Energy Release.
업로드_몽환의 암흑성채5    

Kranheim of Dreams

Kranheim of Dreams can be accessed via the Augur’s Chancel in Ignea. The five bosses are normally spread between two areas, but the higher difficulty, Kranheim of Nightmares, features all five in the same location.
업로드_몽환의 크란헤임 입구1 업로드_몽환의 크란헤임 맵

Lord Khatto, Chekook the Detested, and Captain Baran inhabit the first area. Subcommander Kollus and Lyvir are found in the second.
업로드_몽환의 크란헤임 입구  

Lord Khatto

Cursed Mark will reduce the target’s defense. The effect must be managed so the tanks can retain enough defense to survive Khatto’s attacks.
업로드_몽환의 크란헤임1  

Chekook the Detested

Chekook summons incubators which inflict Fire damage over time, freeze targets in place, or strike targets in an area with lightning. Each incubator must be dealt with differently.
업로드_몽환의 크란헤임2  

Captain Baran

Damaging areas and ongoing damage effects escalate this fight’s difficult as it progresses. Baran prevents interrupts with Guiding Light, so this skill must be broken quickly.
업로드_몽환의 크란헤임3  

Subcommander Kollus

Cold Steel targets raiders based on their distance from Kollus. The raid must be ready, to ensure that it doesn’t hit weakened targets.
업로드_몽환의 크란헤임4  


Lyvir will twist and warp the life of the raid members, in ways such as reversing depleted HP, or preventing healing. His attack power grows if any raiders are hit with Leeching Ring. Atrophic Blast will keep stacking, and must be distributed among the tanks.
업로드_몽환의 크란헤임5    

Fallen Tower Zone 1

Heinrich entered Ivory Tower to claim the Solarnium, its power source, but found that he could not control it. In exchange for a new body, Lennart, the tower’s original builder, assists Heinrich with controlling the Solarnium. Both must be defeated.
업로드_몰락한상아탑1구역_공격대던전입구_아리안 업로드_몰락한상아탑1구역_미니맵

Deacon Beos

Not only does Beos’ Paralyzing Curse freeze targets solid, but it increases damage suffered from Thunder Storm, so breaking it should be a priority.


Khoni alone will use powerful fire attacks, but the battle arena is also surrounded by ever-moving flames. Raiders must stand on the Craters that appear, to spare more damage to the raid.

Fallen Tower Zone 2

The grand Ivory Tower, across from Northern Willowood, is a monument to the power of the ancient wizards. While damaged in an explosion, the tower still stands thanks to its Solarnium power source. If Heinrich, assisted by Lennart, claims the Solarnium, this incredible power will spread far beyond the tower. 


Haunted Rifts will constantly spawn, but Ducan’s Calamity Eruption will erase them. When near defeat, Ducan will use Loop of Calamity, and you must withstand his escalating onslaught until a helpful bystander uses Purifying Light.


As the builder of the Ivory Tower, Lennart can call its many devices to his aid. Some of his attacks will require raiders to jump to avoid them, and his Magic Staves need to be knocked down before they drag players to their doom. Lennart will summon even more arcane contraptions as his health drops.


Only Heinrich remains, once Lennart is defeated and the four Solanium Defense Activators are disabled. Raiders can attune themselves to the energies of Heinrich’s Crystal of Pain or Crystal of Ruin. The energy is needed to prevent Heinrich’s minions from healing him, or to counter Heinrich’s Clutch of Pain and Ruin Clutch. These energies will inflict growing amounts of Chaos, however, causing the raider to take increasing damage over time.

* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.