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Application Process

● Application Period : Sunday 21:30 to Saturday 23:00
● How to apply : Master or Vice Master of guild must apply to the region’s Territory Manager NPC
● Requirements : 10 or more guild members

[Territory Managers]
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Interested guilds must bid for the right to participate in Territory Wars. When a guild applies, they pledge a cash bid, which must meet or exceed a certain minimum. When the bidding period ends, the guild who pledged the highest bid in a region wins the right to challenge the region’s current ruling guild. Guilds must be made with guild funds, and bids can be raised over the course of the bidding period. The current bids from other guilds are not visible, but the guilds who have made a bid on a region can be viewed.
※ Minimum bids for each region are a determined by its revenue.
※ Cancelled bids are returned, minus a cancellation fee.
※ Guilds cannot bid if they already hold another region.
※ A guild may only pledge a bid in one territory at a time.
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Winning Bid

When the bidding period ends, the guild who pledged the highest bid in a region earns the right to challenge the current ruling guild in a Territory War. If there is currently no ruling guild in a region, the guilds who made the top 2 bids compete for rulership in the Territory War.
※ All members of the highest-bidding guilds are notified via mail.
※ The mail specifies whether the guild will participate as attacker or defender.
※ Ruling guilds are automatically assigned as defenders.
※ If a region has no ruler, the top 2 bidding guilds are randomly assigned attacker and defender.

Failing Bid

When the bidding period ends, guilds who did not bid the highest in a region are considered to have failed in their bids. All members of a guild who made a failing bid are notified via mail, and the bid is returned to the guild’s cash funds.
※ A guild which disbands during the bidding period is always considered to have failed its bid.
※ If the winning guild has disbanded, another guild will not be selected, and the winner is considered to have forfeited the Territory War for the week..

* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.