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Inner Froststone Battle

Map of Inner Froststone


P1 – Siege External Base, Soul Core, Aether, Offering Forge
P2 – Siege / Defense Internal Base, Offering Repository, Merchant
S – Guardian Statue
★ – Statue of Goddess
B1 – Altar of Flames
B2 – Altar of Time
B3 – Cursed Altar

Attacker Objective

Once the Guardian Statue is conquered, engrave the Goddess statue to claim the castle.
You can only enter Inner Froststone if your guild successfully destroyed the castle gate with your Siege Weapon.

Defender Objective

Hold back the intrusion of Inner Froststone, and keep them away from the Goddess statue.

Attack Progression

Once the Guardian Statue is conquered, engrave the Goddess statue to claim the castle.
Three Guardian Statues prevent entry into the Goddess Chamber. You can enter the inner castle by any route whose Guardian Statue has been destroyed.
009_003_guardian tower2

Only a limited number of attackers can enter the Goddess Chamber, so prepare your final attack force in advance.
If the defenders recover a Guardian Statue, all attackers in the Goddess Chamber will be ejected.


Defender Progression

Prevent the attackers from engraving the Goddess statue and claiming rulership of the castle.

The attackers will be able to access the Goddess Chamber at any time, so split your defense between the Goddess Chamber, and protecting the Guardian Statues.

As when you defended the gates, you can purchase scrolls from the Merchant, and slow the attackers with the Altars of Flames and Time, and the Cursed Alter (B1 – B3).

※ When the gates are breached, the Altar of Judgment transformers into the Cursed Alter, and can still be used.


* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.