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Gear Reroll

Certain stat bonuses from equipment can be changed with the Reroll Scroll of Gear.
Reroll Scrolls are made with Soul Processing. Different scrolls exist for Rare and Epic equipment.
reapprasing 1

The following screen will appear if you use a Reroll Scroll on equipment which has already been appraised.
reapprasing 2_1

1Current Options The current stat options on the item.
2New Options Stat options after Reroll.
3Scrolls Held/Needed Reroll Scrolls on hand, and how many are needed to Reroll.
4Reroll Limit Number of Rerolls available for this item.
5Confirm Consume scrolls and apply new options.

※ An item can only be Rerolled a limited number of times.
※ More Reroll Scrolls are needed for items which have already been Rerolled more.
※ Rerolls are not reversable.

* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.