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Skills (K) are at the core of all combat in Echo of Soul.

Skill Use

Skills come in two types: common and path.
Common skills are acquired by all members of a specific class, by reaching the required level.

To use a skill, drag it from the skill window to the action bar, and use the appropriate hotkey.
Passive skills can’t be registered in the action bar, but they are always active, or activate automatically in certain situations.
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Skill Paths

Each class has two skill paths to choose from.
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The Preview button lets you look over each path’s skill selection.
Once you choose a path, you’ll be able to select two of the three available skills on each tier, except for the final tier.
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Special Skills

Ultimate Powerful skills chosen at level 70. They can be empowered by Souls.
Soul 4 skills shared by all classes, and powered by Souls.
When used, Soul Skills provide large temporary boosts to character power.
Mesmerize The targeted hostile creature or player is temporarily prevented from acting or moving.
If the target is damaged, the effects of the skill is cancelled.
The target's HP is gradually restored while the effect lasts.
Interrupt Cancels use of a skill the target is in the process of activating.
When a skill is canceled, the target is briefly prevented from using any casting skills.

Status Effects

Some skills produce additional effects when used on a target.
Knock Back Target is briefly stunned and pushed away. Any ongoing action is halted.
Knock Down Target is briefly stunned, pushed away, and knocked prone. Prone targets suffer additional damage when attacked.
Knock Pull Draw enemies from a distance towards you. Enemies are in a fallen state.


If you wish to change your selected path skills, you must use the Amnesia item.
The Jack of All Trades item lets you select and configure an extra set of selected path skills, which you can switch to at will.

* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.