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Party dungeon

Party dungeons become available at level 70.
Be aware of your class/path role when in dungeon groups.
You may be required to interrupts or mesmerize monsters in order to win.

The power of items available varies by dungeon:

Dungeon Rarity – Rare
Item level
Promethean Giant's Hideout [Normal] 103
The Rack [Normal] 103
Depths of Despair [Normal] 103
Promethean Giant's Hideout [Hero] 109
The Rack [Hero] 109
Depths of Despair [Hero] 109
White Tabernacle [Normal] 115
Hidden Grave [Normal] 115
Ice Labyrinth [Normal] 115
Tomb of Asha [Normal] 121
Shadowflame Mine [Normal] 121
Fellglow Spire [Normal] 127
Spring of Lethe [Normal] 127
Spring of Lethe [Hero] 127 / 133
Temple of Cernunnos [Easy] 127 / 133
Temple of Cernunnos [Normal] 133 / 139

Classification Legging Linen Armor Shoe Glove Weapon Helmet Belt
Party Dungeon common 1st Boss O O
2nd Boss O O O
3rd Boss O O O
※ Most gear is received in boxes, which you must open. Unboxed Rare, Epic, and Legendary gear is occasionally found as well.

Promethean Giant's Hideout

The Promethean Giant is an ancient flame golem - an uncontrolled monster, forcibly resurrected by an external force, turning the surrounding area into a volcanic cauldron. You must defeat the Queen Araknos, the Satyrus Flame Pontifex, and all their followers to reach the lair.
Promethean Giant 3

Queen Araknos

Queen Araknos wind the player she considers the greatest threat with a web, draws them to her location, and sprays damaging poison around them.
Queen Araknos

Satyrus Flame Pontifex

The Satyrus Flame Pontifex increases his damage with Liquid Courage, and blasts Satyrus' Flames. Liquid Courage stacks for ever-increasing damage, so be ready to interrupt it..

Promethean Giant

Quake Stomp inflicts heavy damage around the Promethean Giant. Flame Spurt blasts one target. Infernal Flames creates temporary zones of hellish flame, which soon detonate. Bound Ifrit summons an ally who increases the Promethean Giant’s strength.
Promethean Giant

The Rack

During a fierce war between the Republic and the Empire, the Black Knights established a camp in the ruins of an old underground fortress. Currently, Koros the Colossal, Cabalist Janos, and Overseer Vance oversee their forces.
Black Knights rack

Koros the Colossal

With Earthquake, Koros thrusts his halberd into the ground, and unleashes a storm of blades. Terrorize slows multiple targets, and Earthsplitter damages nearby characters. Koros will sometimes break off his attack to lunge at the most distant character, before charging back to his original position and target.
Koros the Colossal

Cabalist Janos

While he prefers magic to weapons, Janos tends to augment his ranged attack pattern with his close-up spells, Wildfire and Fireball.
Cabalist Janos

Overseer Vance

Vance has taken inspiration from Koros’ charge attacks, but inflicts poison on his target as well. He’ll try gather energy from nearby Mage Engines to cast Raging Flood, which inflicts heavy damage to the party unless every Mage Engine is shut down first.
Overseer Vance

Depths of Despair

This clandestine gladiatorial arena has been a frequent delight for wealthy aristocrats, but a source of torment for unlucky local peasants. Helpless “contestants” are tossed into the arena to be slaughtered by vicious creatures. Justice demands that the innocent victims be freed… and the owners punished. You’ll have to face the arena champions before reaching the organizer.
Depths of Despair


Ogre-trained wolves are not known for their even tempers, but Kyber’s viciousness stands out even among his peers. He uses Brutal Blast to damage multiple opponents in an area, Bloodcurdling Screech to attack all opponents, and Swoop to attack a single target and anyone nearby. Howl summons a pack member to assist, and being near Kyber greatly increases their power.


Relatively puny for an ogre, Notlob instead uses his wits to attain power and outmaneuver challengers. Formerly a field commander, he now “recruits” unwilling combatants, and manages the arena warriors. He uses Entangle to capture players and drag them into arena spikes, and will call for help if necessary with Plant Banner. Smash inflicts area damage.


The fierce, cruel ogre clan he leads has always been feared, but Hark'khum discovered that building the Depths of Despair and working with wealthy aristocrats paid off as much as raiding caravans or sacking towns. In battle, he’ll launch three boulders towards a particular target with Stone Cannon, or launch three flaming projectiles in the same manner with Flaming Bullet. When outnumbered, he’ll even the odds by caging a character with Mystical Internment.
Hark khum

The Sanctuary

The fallen Valkyrie Kirke has betrayed her sisters, luring them into a trap. At the behest of the wounded Megliana, Kirke and her fellow usurpers must be struck down.
Sanctuary entrance Sanctuary map


Berlinger summons defenses, and can’t be harmed while they remain in place. While his defense holds, he strikes all nearby opponents. Breach his defense and take him down, but back off before he smashes you in turn.


Karina’s Chain Lightning will vex you if you remain too close to your party members, while Falling Star will spell doom unless the party gathers to distribute its damage. Hoar Frost begins at a single point and expands outward.


Soul Explosion unleashes the anguish of the Valkyrie souls Kirke has captured, in a scattering of explosions. Ritual Sacrifice singles out a safe area, and inflicts damage on anyone who doesn’t reach it in time. Kirke will summon the souls she’s captured, and use them to restore her own health with Necromancy unless the souls are dispersed.

Lost Crypt

Meigas has dwelled in the Lost Crypt, beneath the Fringeland of Rodby, for an age, biding his time and recovering his strength, waiting for his time to rise against the Gods. His dread influence has touched the minds of those who live above him, driving some mad, and calling others, such as Thanat, Dogos, and Doros, to serve him.
lost_crypt_entrance lost_crypt_map

Deathstalker Queen Thanat

Thanat will defend her eggs to the death, slowing attackers with Infectious Poison, and using Poison Spit to spread poison. Keep aware of your positioning to avoid toxic areas, and keep an eye on your HP. Loyal Offspring summons young who will fight for their mother, as viciously as she does for them. Be ready to swap targets.

Dogos and Doros

These goblins fight side by side, Dogos with ranged attacks, while Doros closes in with melee strikes. When one falls, the other responds with Rising Anger, and will continue to gain power until slain. While alive, they empower themselves with Enhancement Spell and Rallying Call.


Don’t challenge Meigas without a good supply of healing items. Soul Absorption can only be removed with healing scrolls, and Curse of Fragility must be purified. If these effects are allowed to run their course, they will inflict tremendous damage.

Ice Labyrinth

A fortress engulfed by a cruel eternal Winter that defies understanding. If the biting cold doesn’t claim would-be explorers, hostile creatures of living ice ensure that none leave.


Striking Snol is like trying to fight the coming of Winter itself. Only warmth can stand against it, and all four bonfires must remain lit before Snol can be harmed.


Frigid Tether binds two characters in a curse of freezing death, which only breaks when they put enough distance between each other. Hailstorm and Arctic Wind scatter blue shards which continue to leech heat long after the spell passes.


Break Frozen Heart by running away from Artin, and destroy the Energy Source created when Coldwave is cast.

Asha's Tomb

Asha was revered as an oracle who could speak directly with the Gods. The Gelmir Cult hopes that this power remains in her body, and seeks to plunder the tomb to exploit it for their own ends.
007_007_04_asha_tomb_map 007_007_04_asha_tomb_entrance  

Guardian Kiff

A golem charged with defending Asha’s Tomb, empowered with water and fire. Puddles and Magma Pools must be used strategically to counter Moisture and Heat.


Tormented Believers serve Bhadin even in death, and must be put back to rest before they unleash area attacks. Maniacal Manacle should be interrupted, as it will deal lethal damage otherwise.


Steel your nerve and remain close to Asha, as Death Wish will snuff your life if you are too far from her. Frenzy can only be stopped with the use of the surrounding Magic Statues. There are many attacks to avoid, and limited space to do so.

Shadowflame Mine

Closed amidst the war between the Dawnhammer and Bloodhammer dwarf tribes, the vanquished Bloodhammers have reclaimed this mine, and are planning retribution. The Bloodhammers must be stopped before they rebuild their forces and rekindle the war.
007_007_04_shadowflame_mine_entrance 007_007_04_shadowflame_mine_map


Bomb Carts provide a steady supply of ordinance, and leave patches of Flame Energy when detonated. It’s easy to run out of space if bombs are detonated carelessly.


A damaging Fire will erupt from the surrounding rocks if Impalai’s fire hits it, so smash any ignited rocks to avoid burning up. Mining Dwarves will assist Impalai in heating the rocks, and should be eliminated before they have a chance to do so.


Garram unleashes clouds of smoke and patches of Flame Energy. The greater threat comes from Sturdy Bomb Carts, which explode with great force if they touch Flame Energy. Garram calls down damaging Bombardments regularly, but the smoke screens can be used to avoid them.

Fellglow Spire

Karquul dwell in this fortress in Millers’ Steppe, maintaining the Belgos Rift. The Auger’s Order seeks to end the threat of the Karquul, by smashing their last stronghold.
007_007_04_fellglow_spire_entrance 007_007_04_fellglow_spire_map


Remain aware of your distance to Krall, as his attacks cover a wide area.


The Shock Earthmite defends Morghos, and he supports it in turn to keep himself protected. While you take down the Earthmite, Morghos will unleash some damaging attacks of his own.


Energy Overload may manifest with positive or negative polarity. If you can acquire the same polarity for yourself, you’ll reduce the damage you take when Dubin unleashes it.

Spring of Lethe

The source of Rempelo Village’s water is threatened due to damage to the water purifier from invading mutants. To save the town, the purifier must be repaired and reinforced.
007_007_04_spring_lethe_entrance 007_007_04_spring_lethe_map


Uruvohl unleashes torrents of Contaminated Water, which drench the battlefield in poison. The initial splash is the most dangerous, and subsequent waves deal less damage.


Trallusk’s Glutton Minions leave a puddle of poison when killed. Don’t stand too close to them, but you’ll need the puddles to kill Trallusk’s flies.


The sewers outflow in four areas during this fight. Sewer water can cause massive damage, so remain aware.

Temple of Cernunnos

Cernunnos gave his own life to revive the slain Goldenbough, and the nymphs built this great temple atop his tomb to commemorate his sacrifice. Cernunnos’ remains still hold the power of revival, and the wizard Sanaya craves that power for herself.
007_007_04_temple_cernunnos_entrance 007_007_04_temple_cernunnos_map


Sissik generates many different types of plants from itself. Naturepods leave pollen when destroyed, which must be used to remove Entangle.


The very air around Krannos forms a Cold Front, leeching the heat from your body. Areas of warmth appear during the battle, and must be used to regain body heat lost to Cold Front and Krannos’ attacks, before characters are entombed in a pillar of ice.


Sanaya has many types of minion at her command, and will use her own magic to strengthen them. If her casts are not interrupted, her wide collection of spells will likely turn the battle in her favour.

* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.