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Victory Rewards

Winning rulership over a region grants multiple rewards.

Individual Rewards

All members of the victorious guild receive the following rewards.
Individual Normal Reward Individual Special Reward
Territory War Victory Chest x 3 Battlefield Legendary Chest x 10
008_004_territorywar_winbox 008_004_war_herobox
Awards a Heroic accessory, based on your current Attack Power. Awards one reward from a list of useful items.

Guild Reward

The victorious guild is awarded rulership of the region, and receives monetary tribute.
Rulership Tax Dungeon Tax Guild Display
Sales Tax Dungeon Use Name Display on Map
008_004_tax 008_004_tax 008_004_guild_display
A percentage of all cash transactions throughout Friggard is added to the guild cash fund. Funds are added to the guild every time a dungeon within your region is run. The ruling guild’s name is displayed for all to see on world maps in major cities.
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Honorable Victory

As long as they rule a region, all members of the ruling guild receive the following effects:
1. Energy Consumption reduced by 50%
2. Moving Speed increased by 5%
3. EXP from killing creatures increases by 5%
※ This effect is applied to all members of the guild, and is removed from anyone who leaves the guild.
※ The effect is lost if the region is lost in a subsequent Territory War.

[Dungeon Information]
Territory Dungeon
Rimen Dryad Forest
Dryad Forest(Hero)
Kranheim Zone 1
Kranheim Zone 2
The Blazing Peak
Woods of Despair
Woods of Chaos
Ironfire Mountain Zone 1
Ironfire Mountain Zone 2
Laterna The Rack
The Rack(Hero)
Ice Labyrinth
Shadowflame Mine
Spring of Lethe
Spring of Lethe(Hero)
Crimson Fortess
Redvale Depths of Despair
Depths of Despair(Hero)
Lost Crypt
Ashas Tomb
Frostcore Ruins
Frostcore Ruins(Hero)
Lost Crypt(Hero)
Destroyed Cardilla
Vernica Promethean Giants Hideout
Promethean Giants Hideout(Hero)
The Sanctuary
Fellglow Spire
Temple of Cernunnos
Temple of Cernunnos(Hero)
Fallen Tower Zone 1
Fallen Tower Zone 1(Hero)
Fellglow Spire(Hero)
Fallen Tower Zone 2
Fallen Tower Zone 2(Hero)

* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.