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Unlike parties, guilds are permanent groupings of characters, usually based on a specific activity or theme.
Guilds are a fantastic way to get the most out of Echo of Soul. Some content is limited to guilds only, and guilds are a great way to get assistance and hints.
Guilds can enter Valhalla without limit.
(This doesn’t apply to Beginners Guilds)

Creating Guild

You can create a guild through the Guild Manager NPC.
Creating a guild is easy, with only a few conditions.
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Guild Creation and Naming Conditions

  1. Cannot already be in a guild.
  2. Must be level 20 or higher.
  3. Must pay a 1 gold registration fee.
  4. Guild names cannot exceed 16 letters.
  5. Cannot choose the same name as an existing guild.
  6. Cannot choose the same name as a disbanded guild.
  7. Guild names are subject to same restrictions as character names.

Guild Info

Basic information on your guild, including name, leader, member count, mark, etc.
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Guild Member List

Lists name, class, and level of all guild members.
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Guild Skill

Check and use available skills for your guild.
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Guild War

Ranking & status of ongoing Guild Wars.
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Guild Authority

Arrange ranking of guild members, and actions enabled by each specific rank.
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Guild Additional Functions

By speaking with Guild Managers, guild storage can be accessed. The guild can also be disbanded, or the leader changed.
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※ If a guild is disbanded, the leader cannot join or create a guild for 7 days.
※ If any member leaves a guild, or is removed, they cannot create or join a guild for 24 hours.
※ If the Guild Leader does not come online for 30 days, leadership is automatically assigned to a different character in the guild.

* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.