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Friggard is a big world, and you’ll get around faster (and with more style) if you make use of mounts.
Mounts can also offer additional bonuses, such as reducing the range at which hostile creatures detect you.
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Mounting Up

regist llama
Four varieties of Llama, the basic mount, can be purchased from the Mount Expert NPC in Ignea. Use a mount from your inventory to register it.
Your list of registered mounts is found on the Mount/Pet window (Ctrl + V).

To ride a registered mount, either click it on the Mount/Pet window, or drag it to your Action Bar and use the corresponding key.

Mounts can’t be summoned during combat, and taking damage during the mounting process cancels it. Getting attacked while mounted may dismount you.

Mount Disassembly System

Mounts can be disassembled into Magic Eggs.

Unregistered mounts can be disassembled with a Magic Egg Conversion Scroll.
Registered mounts can be disassembled with the Disassemble button on the Mount/Pet window.

* The guide may differ from the actual game play due to updates and content changes.