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 In the near future, the global situation will worsen into territorial disputes for resource
                      acquisition and civil wars to protect ethnic and religious identities.

Military intervention by powerful nations such as the United States and Russia will continue in conflict zones, and China, which has rapidly risen on the basis of its strong economic power, will also join the power game to pursue its own interests. This is known as the onset of a new Cold War. Feeling the need for a new military paradigm to maintain order and power, the United States establishes the MAF(Military Alliance Forces), which brings together several countries that have maintained diplomatic relations, including the EU, to create a peacekeeping force with a different form. Russia and China, who are aware of the crisis, quickly form the anti-US alliance AUA(Anti-US-Allicance) by uniting with the South American Military Alliance and the Middle Eastern countries, which have traditionally been at odds with the United States.

A variety of game-ability across all FPS users.
It is equipped with strategic tactical gameplay that perfectly embodies squad-based combat and various modes that everyone can enjoy from beginners to enthusiasts to enthusiasts.
Advanced Graphics
Unreal Engine 3's rich expressiveness, such as weather changes and interactions with objects, and innovative optimization that shows the best quality even in low-end PCs.
FPS game with solid basics.
Realistic hitting and user-oriented interface.