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Thank You for Letting Us Join You in Dekaron
  2021. 4. 3

Dear Dekaron,

It has been our great pleasure serving you through Papaya Play for the past five years. We appreciate the support and feedback you’ve given us, as we have worked to overcome issues and improve your game experience. Dekaron already had a long-standing and passionate player community by the time we were granted its publishing license. It is your passion which has in turn inspired us to exceed expectations and do our very best to maintain this project.

However, our service contract for Dekaron has not been extended. As a result, Papaya Play’s Dekaron service will be shutting down at the end of our contract period, on May 3rd.

Once our service shuts down, the game will move to a new publisher. The developers have agreed to work with us as we make every effort to ensure that all character data is transferred to the new publisher.

All character in-game data will be transferred to the new publisher, including inventories, shared stash, levels, titles, and guilds.

The transfer will take place on May 3rd, after which the new publisher’s migration service will be available.

Financial data, including remaining DKC balance on all accounts, will NOT be transferred. This also includes payment records and payment processor information.

DKC purchases will be disabled on April 30th.

The DShop will remain open until the transfer on May 3rd, and all purchased items will be transferred to the new platform.

Despite losing the opportunity to serve the Dekaron community, we are otherwise enjoying greater success than ever, and continuing to expand our game services.

Our newest service is Nine Dragons, a MMORPG based on a fantastic re-imagining of Chinese history and wuxia legends, launching on Thursday, May 6th, 2021.

To show our appreciation to the Dekaron community, all Papaya Play accounts who pre-register for Nine Dragons will be eligible for additional in-game rewards, if they have already logged time in Dekaron on Papaya Play.

Our pre-registration site for Nine Dragons is already available, and located here.

We intend to maintain our usual standards of exceptional service until the end of our Dekaron Europe service period.

Please let us know if you have any further concerns or questions.


Papaya Play