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February Flash Sales

Jan 28, 2021 1,270

Hello La Talers!

The first month of 2021 is almost over! To celebrate our 2nd month of 2021 and to get ready for the Chinese New Year, we have implemented some new packages.

< New Packages >

  • Premium Equipment Set; Do you want to max your guild accessories and Tengu Totem at the same time? Then this package is for you!
  • Content Reset Package; Reset items for Champion Missions and Memorial Missions!
  • Premium Blacksmith Package; Added Golden Hammers for upgrading equipment sets.
  • Ultimate Trainer Package; Train Champions and Summonables at once!
  • Premium Merchant Package; IDR for days! This package is for users who chase wealth (Item / Ely) in-game!
  • Gambler Package III; New premium box packages containing recently featured boxes.

A detailed list of flash sales during Jan. 28th ~ Feb. 10th is shown below.

* Pet packages are limited to one purchase per account.

Currently, the featured premium box is the Permanent Pet Box. This box includes only permanent pets with permanent pet kits. For more details on premium boxes and premium bonuses, please visit: