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Luxury Pet Box

Nov 12, 2020 1,606

Hello La Talers!

The Luxury Pet Box is now on sale! There are a total of 6 premium pets in this premium box with the same price. The premium bonus also consists of 3 other premium pets that isn't included in this box.

< Price >

Luxury Pet Box: 120 LTC (Receive 120 Premium Points)

Luxury Pet Box (x10): 1100 LTC (Receive 1100 Premium Points)

Luxury Pet Box (x20): 1990 LTC (Receive 1990 Premium Points)

< Contents >

* You will receive only 1 out of the 2 additional rewards per box.

Also, we will update our flash sales until Nov. 25th. There will be special sales for Black Friday, so make sure you have enough LTC left for them!

< Flash Sales >

** Highlighted packages are limited to 1 purchase to per account.