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Papaya Play Operation Policy

Jun 15, 2020 1,772

Account Management

1) You are responsible for securing your own personal accounts. If your account has been stolen or hacked, please report it to Papaya Play or GMs within 10 days of recognition.

2) Your account may be disabled without warning if you have or have attempted to sell accounts, items, in-game currencies, or any other in-game services for cash (Real-World Transactions).

3) You are responsible for all issues arising from account sharing or real-world transactions.

4) GMs and/or Papaya Play team members will never ask for your password. They may ask your username or character name in order to speed up their investigation process.

GMs are not involved in users’ actions in the game, but they are responsible for carrying disciplinary actions against the account holder, only if necessary. The table below shows the corresponding punishments for botting, consistent harassment to other users, exploiting bugs, using 3rd party software programs, etc.

The following cases will be considered ‘Harassment’ if:
1) You have used extreme vulgar language and/or bullied against a specific user for a period.
2) You shamed other users’ sexuality and/or gender identity
3) You degraded other users for their religion, place of residence, race, disability, etc.
4) You have threatened and/or said things that made other users concern for their safety.
5) You have defamed and/or released personal information of the user to the public, also known as doxing.
6) You have pushed immoral views that are considered socially unacceptable.
7) You have inappropriate names in the contents of the game such as character names, guild names, personal shop names, etc.
*If multiple offences are confirmed, you will receive multiple disciplinary actions.

How To Report: ‘Harassment’ Cases
1) You must report all harassment cases within 5 days of the incident.
2) Reporting users that have been provoked will not be accepted.

The following cases will be considered ‘Spam’ if:

1) You have posted the same message excessively, disturbing other users from chatting.
The following cases will be considered ‘Bug Exploitation’ if:
1) You have exploited a bug to gain benefits.
2) You have taught other users how to replicate the bug without reporting it to the GMs.
3) You have exploited system errors to harm other users or to gain an unfair advantage.

The following cases will be considered ‘Advertising 3rd Party’ if:
1) you have attempted to sell or advertise any cash transactions.
- Repetitively releasing a phone number or websites with the intent of advertising.
- Chat logs confirming the intent of selling items, in-game currency, or services for monetary compensation.
- Character generated with a name that suggests and/or promote real-world trading.
- Creating chat rooms, forum posts, or personal shop names that suggest and/or promote real-world trading.
2) you have advertised in-game for commercial purposes.
3) you have advertised on trading or selling accounts.
4) you have advertised websites that sell items, in-game currencies, or accounts for cash.

The following cases will be considered: ‘RWT (Real-World Trading)’ if:
1) you have traded any items and in-game currencies for real-world cash or goods.
2) you have traded any items and in-game currencies for other goods in a different game.
3) you have traded any accounts for real-world cash or goods.

The following cases will be considered: ‘Program Exploitation’ if:
1) you have gained an unfair advantage by using illegal programs.
2) you have created characters using illegal programs to assist you or party members.
3) you have intended to benefit from the characters using illegal programs even if you are not in a party with them.
4) you have unjustly acquired items and/or in-game currencies by using illegal programs.
*If multiple offences are confirmed, you will receive multiple disciplinary actions.

Multiple Offences
1) In the case of multiple offences, multiple disciplinary actions (including a permanent ban) may be issued depending on the number and duration of your previous offence.

2) Even if it does not apply to the term above, you may face multiple disciplinary actions (including a permanent ban) if you were to disturb the game balance or affect other players negatively.

Recovery Process
All recovery processes must be requested through the Papaya Play support system. Please make sure to report recovery requests within 10 business days of the incident.

1) Item Recovery
a) Accidentally selling an item through the NPC or destroying an item. This does not include time-limited, consumable, quest items.
b) Accidentally dropping an item, ultimately destroying the item.
c) Accidentally mailing items to the wrong player through the mailbox due to a spelling mistake. If the player you sent to already claimed the items, we can no longer recover those items.
d) Item recoveries can be done once per month, per account.

2) Non-Recoverable Cases
We will not be able to recover the items if:
a) The items were transferred using the game’s content such as the trading window, personal shops, etc. However, if it was stolen due to your account being hacked, we may be able to recover the items.
b) The items are consumable items or timed items.
Ex.) Potions, Buff Effects, Timed Items, etc.
c) The items were destroyed due to the game’s content such as failed item upgrade or plundered by an NPC or another player
Ex.) Downgraded or destroyed items due to failing an item upgrade.
d) You have shared your account with anyone, including friends and/or family.
e) You were scammed in-game. However, the scammer can be reported, and disciplinary actions will be made against the scamming user.
f) You had technical difficulties within your own computer or network.
g) You provide incorrect information to us about the destroyed/lost item.
- If the support system or GMs do not receive the necessary information needed from the user, the case may take longer to be resolved or it can also be rejected depending on the circumstances.
* You may face disciplinary actions if you excessively report false cases.
** We cannot support any accounts which have been shared with others.
*** We cannot support any accounts that have been involved in cash transactions.

3) Character Recovery
a) You must request a character recovery within 10 business days of the character deletion.
b)If the deleted character’s name already exists within the server, it may be recovered with a different character name.
c) You must have an empty character slot in advance.
* You can only request a character recovery once per account.
d) If your character was deleted due to a server error within the game, it will be recovered and rollbacked to the moment before the error happened.

4) Account Theft (Hacking)
All account recovery processes must be requested through the Papaya Play support system. Please make sure to report recovery requests within 10 business days of the incident. The support system may ask you some information to confirm you are the original owner of the account.

a) Items stolen due to hacking your account can be returned to the original user if the account was not shared.
b) Some items cannot be recovered, such as consumable items or ETC items.
* Consumable items: Potions, Buff Effects, Timed Items, etc.
* ETC items: Quest-related items, Event-related items, etc.

An investigation will be initiated when we receive a hacking report. Suspected accounts that may be involved in this case may be suspended. In addition, any benefits arising from the account hacking will be recovered, and offenders may face suspension on their own accounts.

Account users who have been verified and seized with the relevant account can file an objection within 10 days of the account suspension date. In the event of an objection, you must go through the authentication process presented by the operation team to verify your identity.

The investigation will be conducted based on the information received and if the objection is ruled valid, the suspension will be lifted. At this time, the reporter is subject to disciplinary actions if it is confirmed to be a false report. However, if the content of the objection is not valid or the objection is not filed within 10 days, the account will be considered as fraudulent and the offender’s account will be permanently banned.
* It may take up to 15 business days to finish the hacking investigation and deliver the stolen items. (The investigation may be canceled if required information is not provided.)
** There will be no in-game compensation if your account gets hacked, as it is your responsibility to secure your account.

We cannot investigate the issue further if the following is confirmed through our logs:
- Cash transactions have been made in the account.
- Account has been deliberately shared with someone else.
- Failed the identity verification process.
- The reporter's provided information is different from the logs.
- Used illegal programs or websites.

Records and matters investigated in connection with account theft may be disclosed only to the victim upon formal request and it will not be disclosed to anyone else.

Private Servers
All private servers will be deemed illegal due to copyright infringement. Legal actions will be taken against you if you are responsible for operating any private servers on games published by Papaya Play.