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{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Apr 30, 2021 3,081

Salutations, Dekaron

We are getting into Server Migration Status.

Which means all players will have to re-log in to game with a new publishers account profile, and we wish you the best.

In Papaya Play server, we will remain the service still open until May 3rd, but DKC charging page will be closed and no longer available to purchase any DKC.

Please make sure follow the instructions in-game and from our Website banner below in Dekaron Main Page. You will have to log-in with our Papaya Account at least once after you created the new publisher's account.


Until the May 3rd, we will keep the EXP boosting to X3 (PK server X4) for you to enjoy the game play. Hope you can enjoy the last weekend with Papaya pleasant.


 We also have decided to keep the DShop remain open during this Migration Period. So, you can spend all your DKC before you move to the new publisher.

Once again! Please make sure you follow through migration process in order for you to continue play Dekaron.

Thanks, and Good Bye in Trieste!