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EXP Surge!

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Mar 12, 2021 3,181

Salutations, Dekaron!

Bonus experience weeks are back, with a bonus that will keep increasing for the rest of the month. A new Dungeon Drive is in effect, both as a source of profit, and of some quaint old items that haven’t seen the light of day in a long time.

The DShop gives you the opportunity to take a gamble on Branding items and Rank-Up Coins, and on the new Empowered Rune of Honor.

The Green Road

Fiddle-dee-dee poh-tay-tohes! For the rest of March, the experience points will be flowing like the creeks and valleys of the Old Country. No shamrocks or other good luck charms needed – all monster kills will be worth 500% of their usual experience rewards this week (600% on the PK channel). 

"Dude, do those mushrooms look green to you?"

Dungeon Drive – Classic Treasures

Dust off those Camouflages and count your Super Passes – Dungeon Drive is still in session, but only for these classic solo dungeons. The listed bosses will all drop a Classic Stash when killed, while contains a random item from Set 1. One item from Set 2 will also drop 5% of the time.

Blacksmith’s Grace is always a worthwhile reward. But many of these items have not been available in-game for a long time. Others are still available but will be much easier to obtain from this event.

This event will be great for completionists, or if you’re just trying to ease into the gear curve.

Please hang out with him for a bit. You're his first visitor in months.


The Rank-Up Coin Lucky Pouch can only be purchased on the Dekaron Web shop, and only three can be purchased per account. The bag and coins are tradable.

Like the current rune, the Empowered Rune of Honor has a chance of awarding Grade Points when you kill a monster while carrying it. This rune has been empowered by 100%, granting you 400 Grade Points when it triggers, instead of the 200 from the existing rune.

Finally got your hands on that fresh piece of equipment, but need to make it truly your own? The Brand Loyalty Box is a quick way to set yourself up with enough Soul Stones to get those Brand values, and plenty of Brand Option Locks to make sure you don’t lose them when trying for more.

Each of the five prizes boxes contains the number of Soul Stones and Brand Option Locks listed on the table. All of the Stones and Locks are tradable, too.

Tackle Box sale ended before you fished up all the piranhas you wanted? Just want an extended break from all the hacking and slashing? Kang's Super Fishing Rod 30 Days Ex-Box is functionally the same as the premium rod that’s for sale, but lasts all of 30 days. That works out to about 20% more fishing time per unit cost. Fishing lessons not included, but Robal's got you covered.

"...which is why we call it a "Parrot Fish." I mean, that's the reason around here. Out in Avalon, there's a totally different reason, even though it's got the same name. Long story. It all started when..."

Bug Fixes & Compensation

We received numerous reports from players that the Attendance Reward system stopped working on the last week of the month, depriving a lot of you of your much-sought rewards. In addition to fixing the issue, we’ve collected data on players who were eligible for rewards on the final days, and are compensating them accordingly.

We can’t tell for certain which character you’d hoped for get each reward on, so we are sending all compensatory items to the highest-level character on the account who is eligible. If your reward of choice ended up on the wrong character, please send us a support ticket and we will fix it manually.

Another bug occurred with Tax Revenue for Siege castle owners. We've also corrected the issue, and sent the missing funds to the leaders of the guilds who missed out.

Thanks, and see you in Trieste!

Team Dekaron