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Break Into Spring

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Mar 5, 2021 2,488

Salutations, Dekaron!

Join us for this month’s Attendance Rewards and receive an exclusive costume, and take advantage of bonus returns from Rank-Up Coins while you work your way through the month.

If your farming time is limited, then stop by the DShop for a solution to your Elmar farming woes.

Truffle Hunt

Last week’s patch unexpectedly halted the Chocolate Truffles from sprouting up from dead monsters, a week before it was scheduled to end. To make up for it, we’ve re-added the event, and we're extending it for an additional week, beyond the one remaining week. The tooltips for all the event items have been updated with the new deletion date of April 1st.

Ingestion may result in hallucinations.

March Attendance

There might be another week or two of Winter left on the calendar, but we decided to get the jump on Spring with some garden-themed additions to your Attendance Rewards.

The Flower Basket holds neither tiskets nor taskets, but it does have some refreshingly green prizes. It might even hold the Spring Frog Backpack Ex-Box, which will expire on the indicated date, but the bag inside is yours forever once you claim it. Sticking around for the entire 24 days will reward you with the New Type Bunny Costume, which we’ve dug up from classic Dekaron and spruced up with the ability to accept costume crests.

"Look at that silly backpack. So undignified."

Rank-Up Coin Boost

Have you been saving those Rank-Up Coins for a rainy day? Right now is your best chance to cash in, since Karin will be rewarding you with 10% more Grade Points than normal when you turn in any of the three different types of coins.

I'm a dime, I'm fine, and I shine, I'm freshly minted

Double Drops

The Item Drop Rate dial is getting turned up again this weekend, giving +100% to the Item Drop Rate for both servers, and +200% for both PK Channels.

Item Drop Rate affects the chances that regular monsters have of dropping items when killed. Bosses and certain monsters already have a 100% chance of dropping items from a specific drop set, so you’ll only see an increase in drops from regular monsters from this event and from any other source of Item Drop Rate.


If you’ve been spending days in Elmar and all you’ve got to show for it are pruney fingers, the Nepturos’ Tears Lucky Box can throw you a line. Nepturos' Tears are needed to upgrade the Aquanic Emblem found in Aquarius.

The Treasure of Ricchez and Blackened Metal Box have been strong sellers, but we're rotating back to the similarly-popular Lunar Fringe Choice Box and Treasure of Miseria for now. Treasure of Ricchez ten packs can again be found in the Lunar Fringe Choice Box, as one of two selectable rewards from five premium items.

A reminder that both Treasures of Ricchez and Miseria are worth roughly the same on average, but each contains either top-tier items of specific types, or less valuable (but still worthwhile) versions of the other box’s best items.

Keys are back on sale, and the Trieste Golden Key 20x Package is, true to is name, an offer that’s just golden. Plus we forgot to change its name when all the Golden Keys were renamed to Trieste’s Keys. Whoops. Buy big to score twenty keys for the price of only fifteen.

The Genesis Wings have flown back into Trieste’s Gold Treasure Box, and brought with them some new top-tier costume crests and socket stones. 

Bug Fixes

The tooltip on last week’s sale item, the Blossom Rune Package, incorrectly stated that you would receive one random rune from the list, when in fact you will receive all of them. The tooltip has been corrected.

The Dragon Horn is not sealable, so it can no longer be placed into Bosea’s Seal Item screen.

Thanks, and see you in Trieste!

Team Dekaron