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{{ locale_com.common_news_sale }} Feb 19, 2021 2,037

Salutations, Dekaron!

This is an update. Some of it is new stuff. Some of it is old stuff. Some of it is old stuff wearing a new hat. But it is all most assuredly stuff.

Meister Enhancement

Meister skill training costs have been halved, and your chances at increasing your Meister skills have been increased bigly! Grand Meister skill increase chances are also increased, but less bigly. 


The experience bonus event has ended? That must mean that it’s time for experience scrolls to go on sale! The 1500% scrolls in the Exponential Growth Box are just like you remember, but the 300% scrolls are now tradable. The 500% scrolls are available for the first time in the DShop, and also tradable.

NOTE: You can only have a maximum of 5 experience scroll buffs running at the same time, so plan ahead if you still have any 200%’s, 1100%’s, and 1400%’s left over, and are looking to go extreme HAM on bonus experience. Unfortunately, you can only go regular HAM.

To make up for that terrible joke about scrolls not being available during EXP events, you can save on Grand Meister skills with the Grandiose Meister Box, now that the Meister event is in effect. The box and all the books it contains are binded, so you’ll be limited to treating yourself.

The Blackened Metal Box is just like the Lunar Fringe Box, except it has ten Treasure of Miseria inside. The Treasure of Ricchez, in turn, has escaped from the Lunar Fringe Box, and is now for sale on its own.

A quick refresher: both Treasures of Miseria and Ricchez are worth roughly the same, on average, but each one contains a “greater” or “lesser” version of a certain type of item. So you can drop some cash on either and expect similar returns, or focus on one for a specific prize.

The biggest change to Trieste’s Platinum Treasure Box is the Cancel Abn Res 4% costume crest. With Abnormal Status Resist levels having gotten so high, it’s nice to have a chance of landing those debuffs, right? The Brand Option Lock is now tradable, too (this only applies to new ones, not existing ones you've already received).

Also, there are two blue costume crests. Because reasons. 

Bug Fixes

The Black Tiger (Tier 6) tooltip now correctly states that it grants +5% PvP DMG

Thanks, and see you in Trieste!

Team Dekaron