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Holiday Hustle

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Dec 11, 2020 3,929

Salutations, Dekaron!

Pack it up, pack it in, the holidays are closing in! This week is your chance to hustle up on your leveling.

Jumping is back to let you create a leveled and geared character who can leap right into the action, and a series of quests in Arcadia makes for even more lucrative hunting. Another ramping bonus experience event has begun, and the web shop features a cost-effective new offer to make the most of your game time. 

UI Enhancements

New display windows have been added for the Inventory, Personal Shop, Storage, Mailbox, and Agency windows. They’re a bit cleaner now, which should help with visibility.


Jumping has returned to both Helion and Trieste, pouring out generous quantities of Fine Malt Levels for everyone. Future Jumping events will be server-wide, unless otherwise stated.

During a Jumping Event, each account is able to create one Jump character per server. Only newly-created characters can be Jump characters; it can’t be applied to existing characters. Jump characters begin play at 180, and receive a starting package full of gear and items suitable for gameplay at that level.

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Jump characters begin with their first and second Trans Up tiers unlocked. They do not have a Meister title selected, and must speak with Meister Gniar in Mitera to begin the quest to qualify for and receive a title.

The Hero Supply Box that Jump characters begin play with contains a collection of temporary and/or consumable items (including 15 days of Holy Water), while the Hero Support Package has a complete set of starting gear, for all equipment slots. Some of this equipment is temporary, and meant to tide you over until you can obtain your own. But the Elite Helpyron’s +7 weapon and armor are yours to keep, and the armor even provides a set bonus. Elite Helpyron’s gear can have brands and sockets added to it, but it cannot be traded or upgraded to higher than +7, and its set bonus does not work with regular Helpyron’s equipment.

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Your Jump character’s starting package is temporary, and cannot be restored once it is used expired. You are also limited to the choice of a single weapon from the package, so consider your character’s specialization carefully, and make sure you select the appropriate weapon type.

The Hero Support Package contains a Jumping Support 185Lv Package, which can be opened at the indicated level and will refresh your supply of consumables. Additional boxes are available at levels 190 and 195, with the 195 box containing a permanent bracelet, costume, wings, and mount. There’s no way to get a stronger start to your adventures!

If you change your mind about the class you’ve selected for your Jump character, you can regenerate by deleting the character and create a new Jump character with a new starting package, after the 3-day waiting period has passed and you have confirmed the deletion of your initial Jump character. You can regenerate again, if the second character doesn’t appeal to you either, but you are limited to 2 regenerations per server per event, so the third Jump character you create will be your last chance until the next Jumping event.

Tour of Duty: Arcadia

Players who recall this Summer’s Tour of Duty event for Shangri-La will remember a temporary series of quests which took you across the map, rewarding a generous helping of experience and adventure points.

Now duty calls from Arcadia. Speak with the Arcadia Messenger in Ardeca to take up another series of quests. Arcadia isn’t as large and elaborate as Shangri-La, so there are only four quests. But they can be completed in any order, and each can be repeated up to four times per day. Both Polluted and Purified Arcadia are valid hunting grounds for your tour of duty.

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Advent Ascent

Even with Jumping characters and repeatable quests, it’s a long road to 200. Your gift for this week is a week-long 400% experience bonus. The bonus will increase by 100% for next week, and top out at 600% to finish out the year. The bonus will increase by +100% on the PK channel for both servers.


We’ve gone the humble route for our sales this week, offering an existing item with a smaller duration and with a smaller price.

Some of our Black Friday sales have proven to be unexpected hits, so we’ve extended them by one more week.

Temporary events aside, the only option available until now for players who want to enjoy the effects of Holy Water of Almighty is to pay for 30 days. If you don’t have the time and/or money for an entire month, you’ve been out of luck. But this offer lets you purchase up to 2 each of 3- and 7-day Holy Waters for your account, both priced proportionally to the 30-day edition.

This offer is only available through the Dekaron Web Shop.

For the clueless, Holy Water offers a series of useful bonuses to any character under its effects, including but not limited to unlimited teleportation, agency and storage access from anywhere, a 5% bonus to item reinforcement rates, and unlimited Battle Support time and access to Battle Support’s potion setting. Be warned, it’s hard to resist once you’ve experienced your first sip. 

Thanks, and see you in Trieste!

Team Dekaron