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Pumpkthonic Horror!

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Oct 30, 2020 3,029

Salutations, Dekaron!

And a happy Halloween to all! Ardeca has been dressed up for the holiday, and we have a creepy new event for you, with a hefty daily reward and some repeatable content if you’re hoping to go above and beyond.

Smash the Pumpkins

Remember the pumpkin that showed up in Ardeca without explanation? The pumpkin that manipulated Karin into soliciting tribute to it, in the form of candy? In a development that surprised absolutely no one, it turned out to be less than benevolent.

Mazel tov!

The grievous gourd was, in fact, an incubator for a clutch of demons, known as Pumpkthonic Horrors.

I refuse to accept any responsibility for this.

For her part, Karin feels a little guilty about the chaos she helped unleash. She’s willing to offer rewards to anyone who tracks down and smashes three of the horrors, who’ve fled into the depths of Sacred Claw, Karon’s Transport Ship (Fresh), and Treasure of Crespo (Hard). Vanquishing the final boss of the dungeon will force the Horror out of hiding, at which point it can be summarily smashed.

Cthonic (adj) - "Concerning, belonging to, or inhabiting the underworld." It's a real word, look it up.

Karin’s reward comes to the tune of 400,000 Adventure Points, and a Pumpkin Fragment from the remains of the demonic incubator, which seems to have gotten some random trinkets lodged in it.

You can come back each day for the duration of the event, and Karin will offer you the quest again.

The Pumpkthonic Horrors are consummate hoarders and have amassed a few prizes themselves, if you want to continue smashing once you’ve completed Karin’s quest for the day. More likely than not, you’ll just end up with a tasty fragment of pumpkin, but if a particular prize list interests you, you can cross your fingers and focus on its preferred dungeon.

Despite its insidious purpose being revealed, players can still collect Halloween Candy for Karin to feed to the pumpkin in exchange for prizes, for one more week.

EXP Escalation

For the final week of the event, the experience bonus for both servers has escalated to 700%.


Our Halloween celebration includes some feature sales, all of which are exclusive to the Dekaron Web Shop, and begin at 6am CET, on October 30th. These flash sales will last for only 48 hours!


The cosmic spheres have aligned, and Starmetal once again rains down from the sky, showering you with wings worthy of the heavens. And it’s quite the shower indeed, with bulk sales being the only option this time around. but that’s what’s letting us offer the biggest discount ever – twenty percent off the standard DShop price.

Witch’s Revenge Box

Are you haunted by a tormenting void at the bottom of your soul, and the need for your outer appearance to reflect the darkness within? For 48 hours only, you can purchase the Witch’s Revenge Box, which contains a season-appropriate Cursed Costume. A pair of Cursed Black Wings is included to tie the look together, and increase the item drop rate of monsters you kill by 25%. It might not fill your heart, but it'll fill your pockets.

It's not a "phase," Dad!

Ghost Socket Stone

This sale will be your only chance to purchase a Ghost Socket Stone direct from the Web Shop. This version of the stone isn’t tradable, but anyone who gets their hands on one will appreciate the 5% bonus to attack and defense it grants when socketed into a worn bracelet or belt.

Thanks, and see you in Trieste!

Team Dekaron