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Got Leaves?

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Aug 27, 2020 2,644

Salutations, Dekaron!

What’s the deal with Wingo? This luminescent larva just slithered into Ardeca one day, setting up shop and making odd trades. He takes up a lot of space. To be honest, we’re thinking that it’s about time for him to spin a cocoon, grow some wings, and fly away.

But Wingo seems happy where he is, and seems determined to ingratiate himself with the people of Ardeca by coughing up some choice prizes. Read on…

Connect with Wingo

To make room for Wingo’s snack of choice, the Connection Rewards are being slightly rearranged. As a reminder regarding the Survival Supplies, you must collect at least 5 of them to be able to receive your reward, and you can select one reward from the list once you’ve got the necessary five.

Wingo Likes Leaves

Where is Wingo getting all of these items from? We don’t know. He’s too lazy to move, and can barely be bothered to digest his own dinner. So when you find yourself with bowls of Delicious Leaf Mush, try not to think too hard about where Wingo is getting the lovely rewards he’s handing out, and just appreciate the deals.

"Oh no, he's talking about leaves again."

If you’re determined to save up for the biggest payoff, the Power of Enlightenment Box contains a generous pile of valuable items - and they’re all yours once you have the box in hand. 


The skies are yours with the new Starmetal wing box. Trieste’s Gold Treasure Box is getting rearranged and features a new set of wings too, and goes well with our opportune offer on Trieste’s Keys.

The Meister Rune and Reinforced Incar's Rune Fortune Boxes have been moved from the HOT! tab to a permanent place under the Growth tab.

The Cosmic Egg has hatched its own wings and flown away to spread love and enlightenment across the universe. But the cosmos has bestowed a new bounty upon us, that we may take flight and ascend to a higher plane – Starmetal! Delivered fresh from the heavens, you’ll be granted one of multiple pairs of wings when you crack open one of these celestial rocks, or a supply of Liberty Essence to enhance your current wings and bring you to new heights.

Starmetal has a chance to contain the brand-new Twilight Wings, which share the same stats and model as the Genesis Wings, but in a daring new red and black. Wings of Dreams are back after a long hiatus, as well as The Only Fate to Grow Wings, which grant a 75% experience bonus. The Show-me-the-DOMI Bag is favoured by your esteemed GM and patch note author. And the Sakura Strawberry Bag… is shaped like a strawberry. Enjoy it.

And purchasing Starmetal in bulk is like paying for nine, and getting the tenth for free.

Twilight Wings: "I don't think you understand just how rich we're talking here. Let me get my top hat."

The Only Fate to Grow Wings: "I need to level up to the point where I can afford the Transcendental Fate of Growth Wings."

Wings of Dreams: "More like Vaguely Wing-Shaped Floaty Triangle of Dreams, amirite?"

Sakura Strawberry Bag: "Some things should remain unsullied."

Trieste’s Gold Treasure Box is getting some new gems, and some unique wings of its own. The Enhanced Mechanic Wings are a fine set of flight gear to accompany your PvP endeavors, and you’ll get points for style too.

With a newly-designed treasure box, we felt it was a good time to put Trieste’s Key back on sale, too. Trieste’s Key 20x Package contains 20 keys, and while the box itself isn’t tradable, the keys inside of it are.

Enhanced Mechanic Wings: "I slept in the day they announced sign-ups for the Starmetal box."

Bugs and Fixes

Nexus Helm and Helpyron’s Armor names now display correctly on the Crafting System window.

Your Crafting Mastery level once again displays on the Crafting System window.

Jack no longer accepts exchanges if you do not have enough inventory space to accept the purchase.

Additional Note

300% experience will be in effect until Monday, August 31st, 1pm PDT (UTC -7). Have a lucrative weekend!

Thanks, and see you in Trieste!

Team Dekaron