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Summer in Shangri-La

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Jul 30, 2020 2,093

Salutations, Dekaron!

Peel yourself off the couch and see what we have in store this week! It might be feeling like we’re separated from big holiday events by nothing but long, hot months in either direction. But holidays or not, there are always quests to challenge and dungeons to plunder, and this week we’re making both just a little more worth your attention.

Tour of Duty: Shangri-La

General Commander Eric, stationed near the entrance to Shangri-La, has a new task for anyone willing to accept it. And while the blessed realm may have been re-taken from the demonic invaders, the soldiers stationed here still have their work cut out for them. And they could use your help!

And yet, rent is reasonable

Each day during this event, you can speak with Eric to begin an extensive quest chain that takes you from one end of the map to the other, and awarding 1.3 billion Experience Points by the time you’ve finished. Guild-minded players will also be pleased by the 1.35 million Adventure Points which are given out along the way. For good measure, you’ll receive another of the same Shangri-la Lucky Box which Eric hands out for his standard daily tasks, upon finishing the chain.

Duty calls! Will you answer?

Note: You must have completed all Main Story Quests in Shangri-La, up to and including "Karon's Underling Hazard," in order to begin the Tour of Duty quest chain.

Dungeon Drive

The Secret Stashes are back, now showing up when Dread Laiden of Crespo’s Treasure (Hard) is struck down.

Contents may have shifted during transport

If your thirst for loot remains unwhetted, stashes can also be found in the party mode for Karon’s Transport Ship (Fresh), popping up from the corpses of Abyss Lites Konigin, Abyss Death Talos, and all three dragon guardians (Captain Harold has already plundered the contents of his stash, so it will be empty).

This ship's wheel down me pants? Yarr, it be drivin' me nuts!

Each stash is guaranteed to drop one entry from the top item selection. 10% of the time, one entry from the bottom item selection will be awarded as well.

Summer Surge

Temperatures are rising, and so is this week’s experience bonus. Both Trieste and Helion will be set to 500% bonus experience, for the entire week.

Yes, it is hot enough for me. Thank you for asking.

Jumping Ticket Exchange

Those of you who still have Jumping Support Tickets will be happy to know that the exchange deadline has been extended for one more week. See Karin to claim your Jumping Package.


The best-selling Cosmic Egg returns to the DShop. The (New Type) Summertime Costume Choice Box gives you a choice from three costumes, some skimpier than others but all ready to be set with costume crests. And the Summertime EXP Scroll trades the breadth of previous scroll boxes, with the chance at 10 (ten) tradable 1500% scrolls.

While still available as part of the New World Package III, the Cosmic Egg is again available on its own, and ready to bestow upon you its gifts of peace, love, and wings or Liberty Essence. And the bulk discount is like buying nine, and getting the tenth for free. You’ll ascend to universal consciousness in no time! 

All of the contents of the (New Type) Summertime Costume Choice Box, along with the box itself, are tradable until the costume itself is received. Pick your own style, or suggest a new look for a friend.

Don't even ask where the crests go

You might not be able to stack the contents of the Summertime EXP Scroll quite so high without the 1100% and 1400%, but you’ll be raking it in that much longer, with each scroll type dropping as many as ten copies. And you’ll save nearly 20% when buying in lots of ten, too.

Bugs and Fixes

A fix has been implemented that is intended to resolve the issue with character skills locking up, primarily when Battle Support is enabled. Testing is ongoing due to the unpredictable nature of this bug, but so far the situation seems much improved.

Dragonoid Signet, Dream Powder, and DK Guardian’s Proof now all stack up to 9999.

Sun Guardian Stone in DKSquare should now retain its correct name when targeted.

Sacred Claw now correctly states that you need a party of size 3 minimum to enter, rather than 2.

Thanks, and see you in Trieste!

Team Dekaron