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Sharpen Your Skills

{{ locale_com.common_news_patch }} Jul 9, 2020 3,127

Salutations, Dekaron!

Rumors may abound through the streets of Ardeca, of evil omens and dark days ahead, but there remain those who have not forgotten their oaths to stand together, in defense of the free peoples of Trieste.

Meister Skill Enhancement

One such defender is Meister Gniar, who instructs worthy pupils in the most formidable battle techniques ever developed. His lessons still cost a premium, but training fees for Meister and Grand Meister skills are being cut in half. 

With a big sword. Cut in half with a big sword.

And once your lessons are underway, you’ll have better chances at successfully increasing your skill level. All attempts to train Meister skill levels up to 5 are guaranteed to succeed, and training sessions to reach skill levels 6 to 10 have roughly doubled their chances of success.

Grand Meister training sessions are guaranteed to succeed up to level 4, and have a lesser (but still boosted) increase to success chances on higher levels.

The Odyssey Is Lost!

The pride of the Incar Order’s navy, the Odyessy, was tasked with escorting a supply transport bound for Dravice Village. The ship’s last message described being cut off from the transport while under assault from Hell Herald and the demonic navy he commands. Forces of Dekaron have taken Hell Herald out at the behest of the Incar, but no sign of the Odyssey has been found… until now.

The lost ship has finally run aground not far from Dravice Village. But there is no sign of the crew, and a vile corruption is seeping from its ruined hull.

"It was like that when I got here"

The Incar will soon be seeking help in their investigation into the derelict vessel. Meanwhile, the silent, burning wreckage of the Odyssey hints at a looming threat…

DShop Sales

For one week only, you’ll find discounts on some of your favourite DShop items. If you’re a regular consumer, it’s a good time to stock up.

New in the DShop HOT tab is the same Schrodinger's Box that contains every item you’re hoping for, until you open it and collapse the wave function. With the discounted 30-pack on sale for this week, you can reduce that pesky uncertainty even more.

You’ll also find the Grand Meister Skill Book Exchange Box (Bind) available at a much more affordable price, also on sale for just this week.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Players will now receive experience from killing monsters when in a party, in the Arcadia event map.

Qune’s Abandoned Temple now correctly states that a party of at least 3 members is required to enter, rather than 2.

Monster Hunting daily quests can now be obtained from and completed at Commission Centers.

Crafting can now be performed while mounted.

Gold Dragon Mace should no longer crash the game client when you attempt to reinforce it.

Zuto's Revelation Gauntlets now have the correct appearance when equipped.

Costumes are now easier to see in the Costume Closet display.

Thanks, and see you in Trieste!

Team Dekaron