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Introducing New Jumping Packages

{{ locale_com.common_news_sale }} Jul 9, 2020 2,887

Salutations, Dekaron!

This week, the DShop features another slight change to the EXP scroll box, and all-new Jumping Tickets which supply new characters with storage space and potent accessories.

The Big Fish Package will stick around for another week, along with the Dekaron Fisherman. 

Arcadia’s Protection 6 Hours (20x) has been relocated to a permanent place, under the Premium tab.

The 15th Anniversary EXP Lucky Box is no longer for sale, but it’s been replaced with the tradable Loyalty EXP Scroll which contains everything that the old box did, plus a chance at one to three 1400% experience scrolls. The standard bulk discount applies.

The Jumping NewbieSteady, and Richness Tickets are a new type of DShop purchase, offering some very nice items aimed at Jumping characters (but available to anyone). Once you’ve purchased the ticket, hand it to Karin and you’ll receive a package containing all of the listed items. 

Each package features additional storage space, additional gear and/or spending cash, and enough Mitera's Ghost and Seed of Dreams to upgrade your Mitera's Blurry Tears and Deka Line Ring from one to three stages. Karin can provide you with the Deka Line Ring, and you can see Aria up the street about Mitera's Blurry Tears.

These packages are such a bargain, in fact, that you can only reimburse each ticket once per character.

​The Loyalty EXP Scroll and Jumping Tickets are scheduled to remain on sale until at least July 30th.

Read more about this week's update in our Patch Notes.

Thanks, and see you in Trieste!

Team Dekaron